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Though 2018 was a significant year of innovations that broke grounds of real estate tech industry. Still some new real estate trends are expected to outlive in 2019 that will help this industry to evolve more.

These trends might be life-changing for professional vacation rental managers who are always ready to embrace the integrated tech challenges and find out best possible solutions. But it is unfortunate stressor for those who don’t accept and adopt new technology, no matter how easy their life it makes. It is beneficial for both the traits.

For those who are really interested to know about the latest real estate tech trends should read the article completely and get benefited. This piece from Follow Up Boss lists other trends which you may find useful.

1- Advantages Of Automation

Increased automation trend of 2019 has automated the lives of many small or large organizations. It has helped many local property managers to make your time-consuming tasks simple and easy. In real estate realm, the automated suite of products help to bring leads to your website and predict the purchase behavior of the visitor. Moreover, in a long run, it will create more personalised interactions that will help you to outperform your opponents in the real estate business.

2- BlockChain Is Coming Back

Artificial Intelligence is hovering on the verge of ravine where real estate agents must adopt early majority confidence and understand what are its basics. Only then you and this tech trend will together breach the gaps into the mainstream soon.Thus, solving real problems for people in a variety of industries.

Blockchain is a digital account book, that records all rental transactions without the requirement of central verifying authority. It will help the real property management company to lessen the legal costs and introduce a faster settlement process to its clients. This technology is used by a huge number of real estate companies.So, why you stay behind ?

3- Virtual Reality Versus Augmented Reality

With the help of virtual reality (VR) , the renters and potential merchants can easily access and take a complete tour of the property from anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Therefore, real estate property managers should switch to VR system to provide 24/7 service to their clients, save the clients’ time and money.

On the other hand, Augmented Reality (AR) has stratified the PC generated image of object into reality where the property managers will be able to show the desired lifestyle and decrease time on market. It enables buyers to make faster, better, and suitable decisions within a shortest possible duration. It will enhance the engagement rate between the proprietors and buyers and also increase the efficiency of work.

4- A Push Security On Demand

It is one of the exceptional real estate tech trend to rule this year.Due to the overwhelming  number of cybersecurity incidents this push technology has evolved rapidly. As the real estate agents have no experience in catastrophic breach but they need to ensure the push security technology for their valuable clients. Most of the agencies have developed apps for this purpose. You can use this push tech trend to send content alerts and notifications to users and to get them back on your app and more lead conversions eventually. It has been observed that agencies using push technology have double retention rates with less chances of uninstallation of the app.

5- New Indoor Mapping Tools Are In

The newly designed indoor mapping tool allow the agents to create a 3D representations of the house interior and exterior which can easily be shared on the web and accessed on various platforms like laptop, macbook and smartphone.

Isn’t it great ! These technologies are improving at a rapid pace including wide range of applications for real estate sector so the property managers should incorporate indoor mapping into the listing before it’s too late.

6- On Demand Real Estate Showings

Here is another fabulous trend that will gather the positronium in 2019, On-Demand Showings. It helps to bring the home renter, buyer and agent at one platform within the predefined geographical area where the agents can showcase their property to prospects. Most of the large Cape Cod Vacation Rental Property Management companies are now using this technology to show the properties to their potential customers visually. It not only save the time of both the parties and agent but also reduce the time of visiting a place, booking an appointment and make appropriate decisions after complete satisfaction. Lesser the time consumption of customers, higher will be the lead conversions.

7- Uberization Is A King

You all might have heard of Uber, a well-known cab company that has stepped into the real estate market. They entered this property management market to facilitate the buyers and renters while reducing the commission fees and other brokerage costs up to 50 %. Their precise solutions have helped many good realtors and is most likely to take off in 2019. So, you may also join them in this voyage to stay ahead of your competitors.

If you are looking for any rental, vacational ,or commercial property then you can get in touch with the companies who have not all but at least 50 % of the tech trends on hands.