Premium raw materials, advanced techniques, strict quality control

Whether the excavator is loaded or unloaded, the revolving action is indispensable. Hundreds of thousands of revolving movements can be smoothly carried out every day to ensure the quality and efficiency of the project. Because of the high frequency of use, many operators often encounter faults such as abnormal slewing, swaying, slow movement, etc. during the construction process. It is doubtful that the above faults can only be stopped and repaired as soon as possible!

A typical case is that the maintenance personnel learned that during the on-site inspection, the faulty machine had a slight jitter at the beginning of the swinging motion, which was normal after about two or three seconds, and there is also a jitter condition two seconds before the handle returned to the neutral position and stopped.According to the usual maintenance experience, the maintenance personnel first analyzed the problem of the swing motor, disassembled the motor cover, and found that the contact surface between the distribution plate and the cylinder body was seriously worn. At that time, it was thought that the failure occurred.However, the test machine failure still exists after replacing the new one. The maintenance personnel again disassembled the swing motor and checked it carefully. It was found that the seal ring under the rotary brake cylinder had a small gap. After replacing the seal, the test machine was all normal.

After replacing the seal ring under the brake cylinder, it works normally. There are many people who are confused after seeing it. Why is there a small gap in the seal ring that can cause such a serious failure? If there is a gap in the sealing ring, the brake cylinder will not be tightly sealed, and the braking time will be longer. When the rotation is started, the brake is not completely released, so the vibration will be shaken for a while, and the braking time will be shorter when the rotation is stopped. The effect of the valve is not obvious, so it will also shake.

Then, there’s one problem— what are the top features of the best seal kits? This definitive list ranks 3 useful features that cars needs to own.

1. Premium raw materials

High-quality seal kits will first use excellent raw materials. Therefore, the use of natural rubber for seal kits is a good choice. Natural rubber has high elasticity, slightly plasticity, very good mechanical strength, low hysteresis loss, low heat generation during multiple deformations, so its flex resistance is also very good. Southeast Asia’s climate and local special soils make rubber quality. Rubber trees like high temperature, high humidity, static wind and fertile soil. They are hot and rainy all year round, which is very suitable for rubber tree growth. The terrain in Southeast Asia is mostly mountainous, and the Himalayan volcanic seismic belt, volcanic activity is frequent, which provides fertile soil for rubber tree growth.

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2. Advanced techniques

Marvelous design and sophisticated structure rely on advanced techniques for their display and production. Without excellent techniques, seal kits life span will be influenced. That’s basically the same as making bricks without straw. As the science and technology are developing together with the improvement of consumers’ judgment, people are no longer satisfied with simple pattern design and prefer tough parts that bring great user experience.

With the development of the processing technology and the improvement of the precision requirement, the equipment for the machining has been increasingly improved and undated, meanwhile, professional manufacturers also adopt the state-of-art CNC equipments, matching with the advanced production allocation, bringing in the new materials and technology, to create the oil seals with the high precision and good quality.

Based on the requirements of customers, the required and satisfied seals products could be designed and developed by the advanced, accurate equipments and optimized producing models, so as to create the great value for customers.

3. Strict quality control

The product plays a vital role in the maintenance, and the repair quality is 70% depending on the quality of the seal kits. The quality of seal kits is closely related to the quality of the entire automobiles. The quality of seal kits is guaranteed by many technologies and processes. Component quality management is an important part of the automobile production process.

There are several main problems in the leakage of seals kits. First, there are gaps in the product, product dimensional deviation or mold dimensional deviation. Second, the bearing capacity does not reach the shock absorption buffer effect, that is, the material. The lack of toughness is also related to the temperature time during molding. Third, the main reasons for raw materials, aging rate, elongation, and hardness are several reasons. Finally, the environmental impact, different environments will have different oxidation reactions. After a long time, aging performance failure begins to occur.

The flatness of the surface, the tolerance range, the shrinkage rate, etc. needed to be paid attention to, so the excellent merchants must first confirm whether the conditions of use and remarks can be achieved before designing the materials.

What kind of seal kit manufacturer can delight your customers? You can play it safe by relying on what is using great raw materials, advanced techniques, and strict quality control. YBAS SEALS can indeed offer us all of this.