When you are buying patio furniture for your hospitality business or some other commercial business, you would be looking for furniture pieces that could withstand the rain, dirt, flying debris, and even blizzards or snowstorms. However, you could keep visiting Weatherscientific and despite the adverse weather conditions, you could still keep all the chairs, tables, and sofas looking great and in top condition by keeping them covered when they are not in use. Remember most covers for outdoor furniture are designed and crafted in such a manner that they could slip easily over individual chairs, tables, and other pieces of furniture. A furniture cover is supposed to be the best protective shield for your expensive and valuable patio furniture. Let us explore the few things to keep in mind while choosing the best covers for your furniture in your organization’s recreational and eating space outdoors.


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As per https://www.houzz.in, your outdoor furniture could be an extension of your indoor décor style or you could opt for some designs that are unique and different from indoor designs. You could consider mixing and matching to get an eclectic feel. Your chief consideration must necessarily be the quality of the furniture. Is the quality of the furniture good enough to withstand rough weather conditions including strong winds, moisture, and blazing sun. 

Check Out the Breathability & Waterproofing Attributes

The most in-demand feature of a furniture cover is its waterproofing qualities. People are keen on grabbing instant attention so they have a passion for having chairs and sofas with attractive fabric cushions that could get wet and get ruined. They want their furniture and cushions to be spic and span and dry. So they would like to use waterproof furniture cover so that your furniture and cushions remain dry and cozy. Moreover, covers must be made of fabrics that are known for breathability. Condensation could be building up under the furniture covers and this could start soaking into the fabric to trigger mildew and mold. Buy covers with vents that help condensation to escape and so the furniture remains dry.

Look for the Perfect Closures

A furniture cover is effective in protecting your furniture only if it can be securely placed with the help of tie-downs or closures. Irrespective of how much you could have pulled down a cover over your furniture piece, it must be placed securely otherwise, the storm and wind could blow off the cover and your staff may need to run around chasing and looking for the cover. Remember to purchase a high-quality furniture cover that could be tied securely to the individual furniture pieces.

Examine the Presence of a Soft Backing

You must buy a robust furniture cover that has been stitched securely. Always make sure that the cover comes with soft backing for that extra support and protection. A soft backing would not end up scratching the polish or finish off your favorite outdoor furniture.


 The most important thing to consider is the size and overall fit of the covers. You must not invest in covers that are made to fit across a host of sizes. Focus on avoiding the “one-size-fits-all” approach. You must buy covers that are custom-tailored as per the unique sizing specifications so that the covers fit seamlessly on the furniture pieces in different sizes and shapes. A snug-fit prevents water from seeping through and getting accumulated. Provide accurate measurements or dimensions for customizing the covers.