Your Mac is too full of thousands of music and you want to move some of them? To move music from Mac to Android you have to use special methods. You cannot expect to connect your Mac with USB and move the music to be played back on an Android device. You can’t do that! Unlike when you use Windows, transferring music from Mac to an Android device is not a simple task. Mac, basically, doesn’t detect Android devices (and other devices not made by Apple). From this fact it can be concluded that what you need is an intermediary between your Mac and your Android device and you can transfer music from Mac to Android with ease.

You might think you can use Android File Transfer but to be aware, this third-party software is not very effective because it cannot reach iTunes library as a place for most stored music. But don’t be discouraged because you have another option. Curious? Just keep reading!

You can use iMusic to transfer music from Mac to your Android device

iMusic is basically a perfect iTunes alternative like Alphabet Song. With iMusic you can download any music you like from various streaming sites. Not only does it offer good download capabilities, iMusic is also very effective if used as a music transfer tool from an Android device to the iTunes library. Thus you can use this method in reverse, transferring music from Mac to Android.

Here are the steps you should follow yo do this:

– You can transfer files to the Mac / PC / iTunes library. You can also transfer various music and video files from various iPhone devices, series 6 and above, as well as iPad devices.
– You can copy files to iOS and Android devices. All files are supported; photos, music, videos, audio books and others.

– You can record music from a radio station and play it on your favorite Mac.

– Why don’t you make your own music library? With iMusic everything will be easy!

Download iMusic for free

After iMusic is downloaded and installed on your computer; it’s time to run it.

Transfer favorite music from Mac Folders to your Android Device!

How to transfer music from Mac to Android with ease? If you have Android 2.1 or another higher version, iMusic is the answer to your transfer problem. You can launch this software on your Mac and connect Mac devices with Android devices with a USB cable. Now you have a “delivery medium” besides a USB cable. You only need to see the instructions on the screen to activate what is called USB debugging on your Android device. This activation is necessary for successful connections between two different operating systems. There is a symbol under the “DEVICE” tab which indicates both systems have been connected successfully.


Now we step on the second step. You need to click on the small music icon and then double-tap on the music library or in the small “+” to enter the songs that will be copied on your Android device. Once you have selected the songs, you just simply press “Open” to let the system work automatically.


You can also use another method, which is transferring from the iTunes library!

Once again connect the Android device with the computer and after they are connected, launch iMusic as in the steps above.How to put music on Android from Mac in this way? You now just click “LIBRARY” and you will find all the songs that are stored. Choose what you want to copy by clicking “Add to” and “select”.

You see? Transferring music from Mac to Android is so easy with iMusic. You don’t need to be an IT expert to transfer your favorite music from a Mac device to an Android device. Hopefully this article is useful for you.