In this pace era of technology, the life of any individual is dependent on electronic gadgets. And above all is the mobile phone, which further relies on its battery. If the mobile battery is drained then, the whole mobile phone is useless. So, the mobile phone is further dependent on the battery, which in return is charged by the adapter or charger. Before moving towards, the specifications of various characteristics. Let’s discuss the difference between charger and adapter because that causes ambiguity in the mind of so many consumers.

Difference between charger and adapter:

For your understanding, I jotted down a few points that will assist in you comprehending the difference between the adapter and charger.

  • The adapter is an electronic device whose function is to provide the required supply to the device. Whereas, the charger is an electronic device that focuses on charging the device i.e. battery/supercapacitor.
  • In the family of the adapter, you have options to avail of AC and DC adapters as they will provide power supply to their respective AC and DC devices. The chargers don’t have the category of AC to AC because all the batteries and supercapacitors are easily charged with DC.

Things to consider before buying a mobile charger/adapter

Purchase of mobile charger is not plain sailing. Although it seems quite easy, it is an arduous task to do. There are several factors that you need to keep in mind, to avoid remorse.

  • Firstly, you should know the right time to buy the brand new adapter for your mobile. Like, you are having an iPhone and your mobile takes more than the required time to charge. Not only this, but the adapter also gets hot during charging. Then, that’s the right time to pay a visit to Sri Lanka (if you are a resident of it), otherwise, visit your nearby market. Looking for an Apple iPhone 2 charger? From any authorized and trusted mobile shop, you can get an Original Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter in Sri Lanka.
  • Don’t get hasty, don’t forget to check the ratings of the adapter before purchase, as it matters a lot.
  • You need to check the rating of the following areas:

Output voltage rating

Insulation symbol

Output current rating

Quality of the adapter

  • Last but not least, the quality of a good charger can be assessed by its output voltage regulation, good insulation, good output port, and low heating etc.

Merits of portable charger:

In this advanced world where everything has evolved, portable chargers have also become the need of an hour. This is because not every restaurant has access to an electrical plug. So, a portable charger will provide you with quick charging and within a spur of the moment, your mobile gets charged. It is also convenient to carry. No matter whether you are at the beach or in the restaurant, you can easily charge your mobile with a dint of a portable charger.


In a nutshell, wisely choose the charge of your mobile as your mobile life is dependent on it.