Optical Character Recognition is a technology used to convert different document types. It can also transform the information captured by a digital camera into editable and searchable data. OCR has revolutionized the technology industry. This has brought so many benefits to various business and personal enterprises. OCR is timesaving and accurate making it very reliable.


Basically, an image is the visual representation of something. In technological terms, there are different formats of images. JPEG is a graphic image created according to the standards of the Joint Photographic Experts Group, a group that develops and renews a sequence of ideas for image density algorithms. The file extension for JPEG is usually .jpg.

SVG is a description of a scalable vector graphic and is an image of XML as an application. Programs such as XML-compatible browsers can display images using information provided in SVG format. Scalability means that files can be viewed on a computer monitor of any size and resolution, whether on a small smartphone screen or on a large wide-screen monitor on a PC. The file extension is usually .svg.

GIF (pronounced by many people like JIF, including its designers) and the hard G of many others, represent the graphics exchange format. GIF files usually have a .gif extension.

How To Read Text From Images

When reading texts from images you need software to decode the texts in the image. This is because the human eye cannot decode the information depicted on images. This is where OCR comes in. OCR technology is able to translate the images into texts. There are numerous soft wares that used OCR to decode text from images. For more information on this visit //ironsoftware.com/csharp/ocr/tutorials/how-to-read-text-from-an-image-in-csharp-net/#c-image-to-text-using-iron-ocr


PDF stands for Portable Document Format for the electronic display of documents, regardless of the hardware, software or operating system displayed. Initially, it was developed by Adobe company.

Advantages of PDF

Graphical integrity

With a PDF you get the exact same content and layout irrespective of the operating system used or device. The quality is neither enhanced nor degraded. It remains as it is on all devices.


With a PDF you can incorporate any type of texts, images, videos, animations, 3D models and any other file you’d like. All of these can fit into one PDF file making it very convenient.

You Can Encrypt Your Work

If you are dealing with sensitive work, you can encrypt the PDF so as to secure your documents from prying eyes.

Has A Small Size

Compared to other file types, it takes up less space. With this said it also carries a lot of information. This makes it very convenient to work with.

Reading Text from PDFs

There are various ways to read texts from PDFs. One of the methods is online OCR. The c# OCR example service helps you extract texts from PDFs of less than 5mb. The service helps you edit PDFs into editable Microsoft (.docx). STDU Viewer is another c# OCR component you can use to convert PDFs into texts. For more information about this, you can check out this c# OCR PDF for a free OCR library c

Benefits of Reading Text From Images and PDFs

Higher Productivity

You can achieve higher productivity with reading texts from images and PDFs. You get quicker data retrieval. It greatly reduces the time it takes for employees in an organisation to extract information. This time can be used to do other activities.

Cost Reduction

It helps you cut down on the costs of hiring expats to extract information for you. You also get to cut costs on copying, printing, and shipping.

High Accuracy

When reading text from images and PDFs you get to achieve high accuracy. This is because it does not alter the information in any way through third parties. Therefore, the room for error is highly minimized.

Ocr technology has a lot of benefits. It has revolutionized all industries and has made things far much easier. It has also enhanced security and has made access to sensitive information exclusive from prying eyes. It has some shortcomings however but for the most part, its been really helpful.