Best Cordless Leaf blower are machines which make your life easy in picking leafs and debris. There are numerous leaf blower introduced in to the market. Each one with its specifications are used by people. Wires always create mess making things uneasy to use. Therefore, advanced leaf blowers have introduced in the market with no messy wires. Yes, there are cordless leaf blowers. With the settlement of new trend competition always get to increase. And questions like which one is the best to buy start to spread out. Here we will let you know about the best Lithium-Ion cordless leaf blower you should buy.

Greenwork 40V 150 MPH Leaf Blower:

One of the best Lithium-Ion cordless leaf blower in the market is Greenworks 40V 150 MPH leaf blower. With a efficiency or 150MH and G-Max 40V lithium ion battery. Consists of a one  blower tube which effectively collects more leafs and debris. The battery gives 34min working time. Also it produce no annoying voice. Light weight and easy to use.

DEWALT DCBL770X Handheld leaf blower:

This one is a true workhorse, with a efficiency of 175MPH. No even a single leaf can be left out of the sight of DEWALT DCBL770X Handheld leaf blower. Also it has a great 125CMF. Also is lighter in weight and is easy to hold.

Black LSW22 cordless leaf blower:

The best thing about this leaf blower is it has a battery timing of up to 18 months. Also have a very good 135MPH. This is light in weight and easy to hold and use.

DEWALT DCBL770X brushless leaf blower:

Like all the other leaf blowers which have really good features in them DEWALT DCBL770X brushless handheld leaf blower. It produce no noise hence won’t torture your ears and the neighbours as well. It has a manageable 400CMF. Light in weight and easy to hold and clean all the mess. It has variable trigger. With a speed lock. A brushless motor which is reason it produce no noise.

WORX WG545 leaf blower:

WORX WG545 is one of the best leaf blower. It is very efficient and has a MPH of 120. And 40V lithium ion battery making it powerful battery containing leaf blower.  Which will help you collect all those leafs in your lawn, road or anywhere else. Eight different attachments are included in the super WORX WG545 leaf blower. And the good thing which is everyone want to see in a leaf blower is the weight. It is very light in weight and help you do your work more easily.

EGO Power+ Blower:

EGO Power+ is one of the best leaf blower in the market. It is one of the powerful blower. It has a 480CMF. Also have 1 hour runtime battery. Variable speed adjusting. It has low noise which will not irritate your ears and won’t disturb the neighbours. It is very light in weight which will help you hold the machine easily and let you do your work more easily.

There are numerous leaf blowers out there in the market. It all depends on your need and choice which one do you like to buy and use.