Predictive analytics servies is very helpful for the business organizations to identify important events , Business opportunities, and opportunity for the new leads.  So, with these help of analytical tools, a huge amount of data can be optimized and mined to figure out the indicators of the various opportunities and events.

All these things sound so amazing but when it comes to the real values of these analytics then you must have to take the right decisions. The tools can illustrate major use cases which can occur in the future. But it is also very important to know how these analytics help you in predicting future and decision making. Let us discuss in detail.

Churn prevention

When a business organization loses its customers, then it needs to get new customers as replacement of loss. The process of getting new customers is very much expensive. The reason behind this is the cost of acquisition of new customers is very high as compared to the existing one’s retention. Predictive analysis helps the organizations to prevent churn by figuring out the reasons for dissatisfaction around customers. If you know your loopholes in advance then you will capable to avoid the loss of customers.

The lifetime value of customers

One of the most difficult things is to do in marketing is to identify the needs of the customers. The second important aspect of marketing is to look for those people who may spend a lot of money in your organization. These kinds of insights will allow companies to optimize their business growth strategies to increase their interest in that particular segment of the organization. And by this, you will be able to find those customers who will remain with your organization for a long period.

Customer Segment

Different markets have different types of segments according to the services they provide to the end users. Some of the organizations deal in industries, some of them in products and some of them in services. Being from different fields their way of marketing also varies. Good use of predictive analytics can help all these segments to grow simultaneously. It’s just about right predictions and right decisions. With the help of analytical tools, you can collect the real-time data and at the end maybe you will be capable to predict right insights.

Next Best Action

While predictive analytics if you are defining your primary segment on the base of customers, then it will be proved as a critical practice for your organization. Analytical tools can provide you the best insights on to approach the customers within the particular segment. You have to analyze the very activity of the customers like their buying patterns, search preferences, their behavior on the social media platforms, etc to collect data and use them as inputs in the generation of insights. This is the best way for organizations to connect with the customers and generate revenues.

Product Propensities

The combination of the data of customers on purchasing activities and behavior with online behavior matrices like social media, search engines, and e-commerce websites is known as product propensity. These things work best to collect data and transfer them into insights. This will allow your organization to predict not only about the likings and disliking of the customers but also the various platforms they prefer to buy products and services. This will help your organization to drive effecting and attractive campaigns to attract the customers towards them on different platforms. According to me these days the effective and most active platforms are social media platforms where people love to buy products and services.

Quality Assurances

The predictive analysis provides you a chance to enhance the quality of product and services. Quality control is very much important when your company cares about the customer experience. It also helps you to figure out your expenses and bottom-line. We all know if any organization provides bad quality of goods and services to the customers then they will never come back through them. But what if an organization succeeds to impress the customer by their quality? The answer is in front of you. They will not only come back but they will bring more customers to your organization as well. And maybe this thing turns into a chain of customers.

Good prediction analytics will always provide you best insights in the field of potential quality problems and trends so that you can avoid them in advance.

Risk Modeling

Every business organization is prone to risks. Without taking risks no organization can survive in this business world. Predictive analytics services can help organizations to avoid risk at a high percentage. But to make this possible they have to combine the insights of all the analytics to get the best results. The idea behind this is to identify risk, optimize risk and protect the organization from the risk. So, pay full attention while analyzing the analytics.


Your data are not so valuable without intelligent business analytical tools. With these tools, your organization will be capable of managing inputs, events, and data so that they can provide real-time insights to the enterprise. Predictive analysis also helps organizations to think beyond the simple operations. They can know the circumstances in advance and try to make every possible move to avoid any kind of loss to business organization.  Only with the right insights you can predict the future and will be capable of making decisions that are beneficial for your organization.

So the companies have to understand that to make business growth strategies without proper insights is just a sign of foolishness. Also relying on manual data can be dangerous for business organizations. It is also advised by the experts that organizations have to use different tools to check the variations in the insights before making any predictions. So always follow the facts on one hand and your instincts on the other hands. For more interesting articles on new technologies and trends stay tuned.

Author Bio : Manikandaprabhu Sivagnanam

Manikandaprabhu Sivagnanam is a sportsman, reader and  big data enthusiast. He is passionate about digital marketing and he explores new technologies.