Software and IT industries are the two biggest industries today. This is due to the development of internet technology where people can find and do anything they want. It is also your chance to get the best salary just like what you want from the industry. The best thing you can do is improving your IT and software skills to follow what the companies want. Following software and IT courses are a great solution, especially if you want to manage your own schedule and learn in the flexible time. An online course is the best answer to accommodate your need to learn new software and IT knowledge. Tetra Tutorials course is ready to facilitate you with a lot of software and IT courses you want to master.

About Tetra Tutorials Course

Tetra Tutorials course is an in-demand course. The focus of the course is on software and IT including machine learning, Cloud computing, the blockchain, OpenStack, ELK, AWS, Azure, and many more. The students are able to choose over 100 valuable courses so they can choose it based on their specification skill. This course has been experienced over 20 years and they know what you really need. Along with the experience, the course service has worked with a lot of startups, companies, and even government organizations to improve their software and IT skill to the next level.

Three Differences Learning Media

The courses from Tetra Tutorials are made for everyone who wants to learn about software and IT. Interestingly, the students don’t have to come to the class face to face. Instead of doing that, the service offers three different learning options. First, you can learn the materials by watching video tutorials given to you. You just need to click the video you want to watch and learn the material carefully to understand the knowledge. Second, if you think you need more than just a video to watch, you can also take the virtual class. The difference between the online and virtual class is that in the virtual class, you can discuss something with a professional tutor. This learning process makes you more understand about the software or IT materials you want to master. Third, for those who want to study face to face, this course is also ready with a live class. This class is designed for them who have more time to attend a class. The best part of following this course is that you will get a verifiable certificate. Because it is a verifiable certificate, you can just submit it anytime you want to find a job. You can also add the certificate to your LinkedIn profile to increase people’s trust in your software and IT skill.

Flexible Learning Process

By the time you complete the registration, you are about to get the materials weekly or monthly. Moreover, the platform completely supports you so you get more access to everything on this platform including if there is any latest update material. As the result, you can learn constantly along with your own schedule. You can manage the schedule based on your daily activity. Later, you can study maximally and get the knowledge to improve your skill.

The Reason to Follow Software and IT Courses

To make sure that improving software or IT skill is very important, you need to learn from the development of the industry. Just imagine that nowadays, cars are able to drive themselves and it has been used to support businesses. If you are science fiction book lovers you know how the technology in the books become real. Companies can also deploy software in a few minutes and it is faster than a few years ago. People can also save their data in the Cloud and can access it anywhere and anytime they want. Based on the facts here, you must improve your skill so you can survive in this industry. Indeed, it is the reason why you have to take software and IT course from a trusted course service.

About the Founder

Tetra Tutorials service is developed by Manuj Aggarwal. He is an entrepreneur, investor, and technology enthusiast. To follow his passion, Aggarwal is developing a company namely TetraNoodle Technologies. This company focuses on software consulting company based in Vancouver, Canada. He has enough experience in the software industry which he runs since 1997. During spending time in the software industry, Manuj Aggarwal gives his efforts, knowledge, and skills to around 100 mega-corporations, startups, and business owners. Before developing his own company, Aggarwal was experienced on software development, technology advisor, chief technology officer, solution architect, enterprise architect, and many more. He worked for several big companies including the University of British Columbia, Avanade, Bazinga!, Flok Technology Inc., Wiivv, and many others.