Smart home: man controlling lights with app on his phone

If you’re known for being a little slow on the uptake when it comes to new technology, you might not have brought anything into your home life yet that would make your residence be considered “smart”. But with all the new technology emerging and the advances being made, it seems like smart homes aren’t as much of a fad as some people might have initially thought. So if you’re ready to turn your home into a smart home not only of the future but also right in line with the present, here are three types of technology that will make your home a smart home.

The Right Assistant

Before you start bringing in smart home technology into your house, you first want to decide which assistant you want to be using throughout all of your devices. According to Brian Chen, a contributor to the New York Times, the main options you’re going to have to choose between come from Google, Apple, and Amazon. Depending on which brand you use more or what company you’re most familiar with, the decision for which assistant to use might be easy for you. But if you’re really not sure, consider doing a decent amount of research into the pros and cons of each, as you won’t necessarily want to change your mind once you’ve started making purchases and setting up all of your accounts and devices.

Start With Lighting and Appliances

After you’ve chosen which assistant and product line you’re going to start using to create your smart home, you’ve now got to determine which areas of your home to start upgrading to smart technology. According to Christopher Null, a contributor to, the easiest places to start are often going to be with lighting and appliances. Smart lighting and appliances allow you to use these items just how you normally would expect that you’ll have more control over them remotely. Because of this, there’s less of a learning curve when you choose to start in these areas as opposed to bringing in something entirely new and having to learn all about it from scratch.

Upgrade Outside As Well As Inside

Not only can you make the inside of your home smarter, but you can also bring modern technology into the exterior of your home as well. According to HomeAdvisor and Investopedia, having a smart home can help your entire property become more secure. You may want to consider implementing technologies such as a smart doorbell and improved security lights or cameras all around the outside of your property. By doing so, you’ll always be able to know what’s going on around your home, be it to keep the ones you love safe inside or check on your kids while they’re doing yard work.

If you’re ready to make your home a smart home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.