Recovering data from an external hard drive is a difficult thing to do. You have to find the best way to handle the problem so you get the data back. The effective solution to recover your deleted data from hard drive is by using an external hard drive recovery software.

It is claimed to one of the easiest and most accurate ways to get lost or deleted data from any kind of media including the external hard drive. If it is your first time to use data recovery software, it is important to learn the steps so you can use it maximally and get all the deleted data from the external hard drive

Choose the Best Data Recovery Software

Before using data recovery software, it is important to choose the best provider and software. Using the best software helps you to achieve the deleted data without any kind of problems. Moreover, you can also use it fast and easy because a reputable provider gives software with friendly features. You may find the complete information about the software first. It is great if you can find some references so you can compare the detail.

If it is too long, you can also ask your friends or colleagues who ever use data recovery software. Ask about the benefits, strengths, and the drawbacks of the software. The point is that the more detail of the software you get the better in order to get the best one.

Download and Install the Software

By the time you get the best software, the next step is visiting its official website. Then, find a way to download the software. It is better to download the software only from the official website because it is safer. Don’t forget to check the version and download the latest version for a maximal performance.

Follow the download process completely so you can use the software. If it is not, you can start the download process from the beginning and make sure that you have following all the steps. When the download process is done, you can continue the process by installing it on your computer.

The best way to check whether the software is running or not is by opening it. If you can run the software it means you are ready to use it.

Start the Recovery Process

This is the time for you to start the recovery process. The steps depend on the software you take but there are some general steps you need to know while running the software.

Select the Recovery Mode

Because you want to recover deleted or lost data from an external hard drive, you have to choose the recovery mode. By the time you click the recovery mode, the software launches scanning feature.

The feature works automatically to detect the lost or deleted data from your external hard drive. It takes a few times until the scanning process finished. The scanning speed depends on the software you choose. So, just make sure that you choose a trusted software which serves you fast scanning process along with the accurate result.

See the Preview

When the scanning process is done, this is the time to see the result. The reputable data recovery software provides you with a system which allows you to preview the result.

Here, there will be the list of the lost or deleted data and you can see it one by one. The main function is to get the only important data you want to recover. You can also make sure that all the deleted data you need have already on the list.

Recover the Data

After seeing the data and you are sure that all the data you need are there, you can start to recover the data. Just select the data you want to recover or select all if you want to recover all the data.

Then, click the recover button and wait for a few minutes until the process complete. Again, the data recovery speed depends on the software you choose. A trusted data recovery software doesn’t only serve you with fast scanning but also fast data recovering.

Check the Recover Data

Now, check the recover data on your devices. A successful process is when you see the deleted data from the external hard drive can be opened normally and you can use it just like a normal data such as transferring it, copy and paste, edit, and many more.

The most important thing is that you finally know the importance of using data recovery software and the way to recover data from external hard drive by using it. Indeed, you will be glad because you get those deleted data back safely.

Summary: You can use data recovery software to get deleted data back. Here, you can learn the steps to use the software.