Fortunately with the constant development of technology, there is a variety of commercial heating systems that you can choose from that are budget-friendly for large spaces which may prove to be cost-effective for your corporate establishment. The most common types of systems are Oil/gas steam, water, and natural energy. All of these systems have their own pros and cons, but they can’t all be used in all types of spaces.

Natural Energy

These systems are environmentally friendly, as energy is drawn from sources like geothermal heating, solar energy, wind turbines, etc. The most important benefit of these natural energy systems is that they are cost efficient over time. However, the initial installation cost will be high because they are build over very large spaces, but for the business it can prove to be cost efficient over the long run.

Oil/Gas systems

This system has been around for decades and generations. Basically, steam is generated by boiling oil or gas, and this steam is passed through pipelines to provide heating for the building. Even though, this system has been around for a while it is slowly becoming obsolete. It is not a sustainable way to provide commercial heating and it is inefficient in the sense that the gas or oil takes a very long time to boil. This is the basic science behind a boiler as well, and it is usually used in cold areas for large warehouses.

Water systems

This system is also similar to that oil/gas systems because in this water is boiled and is used to generate steam for the pipelines. This too requires boiler units to heat the water to provide heating to businesses. But this also inefficient, because a lot of energy is wasted since the air the pipes must be cleared out every time the heating is turned on.