Deciding to take your software to the global arena is the key to increase your sales and business prospects. Nowadays, localization has made it possible. However, processes involved in the localization process can be tricky and may require software localization services that are rendered by an expert.

Localization involves catering to the needs of your target market by translating the software and creating a different version of the software specifically designed for a specific region. An effective localization strategy needs to be planned and executed if you want to avoid potential pitfalls that can ruin your chance of making it global successfully. For that purpose, we have gathered a few steps that can ensure the smoothness in the localization processes.

Planning and research

Before undergoing the complex localization processes, it is essential to test the waters by doing intensive research of all the factors involved that can influence the outcome. Your goal should be to design software that not only meets the needs of the target audience but leaves an impression in their hearts. This can only happen with planning. Moreover, if you plan your way, you are more likely to develop a hassle-free localized software and an instant hit in terms of its downloads.

Some of the questions that you should ask before getting deep into the process are:

How similar the target market is, compared to your own?

What are the rules and regulations in the target country/region with respect to software and its marketing?

Do you have the financial muscle to pull off an internationalization strategy?

Do you have what it takes to adapt if things go south?

Taking care of finances

It is essential to estimate your costs before execution. You will need to inject more money into the process if you want to localize a hundred languages at once. However, it is least likely that you will be localizing that many languages, especially if your localization partner calculates the localization ROI. With the help of the insights gathered using a localization software, you can identify top languages in terms of their ROI.

Build the right team

Having experts in your team who sync well with the goals of your company is the key to transform your content. Therefore, building a team is one of the toughest jobs for a business owner with big goals.

Once you start working on building the right team, you need to define roles so that everyone knows their duties. Nevertheless, every team member needs to understand the objectives. Also, having a collaborative work environment can encourage the members to work as a team in achieving tasks at hand. Such a work ethic can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the work done. For instance, a programmer won’t be doing the job of a linguist, and a designer isn’t supposed to do anyone else’s task. So, building a team with the right principles and work ethic can get the work done.

Using a translation management software

If you want to step up your localization game, make sure you use suitable translation management software (TMS). Good software can be a deal-breaker in your localization process if you want to penetrate a global market. With the help of its features, you can produce accurate results by managing the team efficiently.

Moreover, with the help of translation memory, you can speed up the process and complete your project at a much faster rate. After all, you cannot be around your team all the time; therefore, using the right translation management software can take off some of your load.

ASO/SEO strategy

Deciding on the ASO strategy is one of the fundamental things you should do when it comes to localizing your software or an app.

Mostly organic, the ASO strategy helps to optimize your software to increase its visibility and ranking. It includes the optimization of logos, descriptions, titles, reviews, images and videos.

Once you localize your software, make sure your SEO strategy is seamless and attracts the right audience. Also, launch your software in different websites and platforms to get the maximum reach.

Bottom line

To achieve the targets, you can break the project into smaller tasks so that you can allocate your time and money on the project appropriately. Most importantly, once you are done with the localization process, do not forget to test its viability; because if you leave a glitch in the system, your customers will not be very happy.

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