In businesses, animated video marketing supports businesses by providing new opportunities in different market segments. With this, one can get the chance to tell a story about their products or customers. With video, you’ll be able to share powerful messages, which helps you to connect with your audience. 

But, if you decide to go into video marketing, you need to understand one thing. Once you are doing video marketing, it is essential to perform its execution correctly. Doing it correctly will get you positive results. 

However, video marketing has to be executed appropriately to get the results you are looking for. An experienced video production agency can craft your marketing idea and bring it to life. The agency can create a creative animated explainer video that will resonate well with your prospects to get your point across. 

Even more important, the videos will not cost you an arm and can be long term lead generation assets. Below are some key reasons why you should use animated videos as part of your overall digital marketing campaign:


  • Great Psychological Impact of Video.


An excellent animated video holds the power to connect deeply with the audience. Also, it builds a deep emotional bond with the viewer. Sometimes make them recall their childhood days memories that connect them with the advertised product. 

And yes the making of animated video for production is entirely an extraordinary way to connect. Due to the tremendous psychological impact, animated videos is genuinely an excellent choice for your product marketing and social media marketing campaign. 


  • Expanded Conversion Rates


64%-85% of individuals are bound to buy after viewing an item video. What’s more, individuals will remain 2 minutes longer on your site when drawn in with a video. A video on the point of arrival of your webpage will spare guests time clicking and perusing your site. 

You get an opportunity to catch their eye and impart utilising an amazing blend of pictures, movement, content, voice, audio effects and music in a short measure of time. It’s a proficient utilisation of time and consolidates data in a few types of media. Peruse progressively about the intensity of video and why you ought to utilise it in this article. 

  • Video helps SEO 

Google owns YouTube, so a nearness on YouTube, and inserting the video on your site, give you a 53x higher probability of a Google first page query output (Forrester, 1/2010). You can likewise add watchword labels to your YouTube videos. 

For instance, including the catchphrases “enlist independent illustrator” into my YouTube videos brought about commissions for undertakings from customers who found my business through these videos. 


  • Viral Marketing and Video Sharing: 


Viral video showcasing efforts increment clickthrough rates by 750%. 68% of individuals who watch online videos will, thus, pass joins for these videos onto their companions. There is no enchantment recipe for making a video people will need to share. 

What you can do is ensure you have a strong story/thought/message; and knowledge of your intended interest group. An activity step or ‘ask;’ an incredible effort intend to pound the ether-asphalt and prepare people for your dispatch.” 

In this way, although you shouldn’t just transfer your video, kick back and anticipate that individuals sharing it with no type of advancement – it may be an amazing and surprising piece of your showcasing effort. 


  • Video spares time in making and conveying Powerpoint introductions. 


When you’ve moved, take advantage of it and use it disconnected as well. Liveliness can improve introductions, pitches and gatherings by clarifying and advance your business. It’s an incredible discussion point and valuable for systems administration. 

I have all my movement accessible disconnected on my telephone, iPod and tablet. Along these lines, on the off chance that I ever get into a discussion with somebody about what I do, I can whip out a gadget and demonstrate to them. My animated videos have created the same number of leads as my business cards. 


  • You Can Answer Common Questions through Animated Marketing Videos 


Animated explainer videos offer you an opportunity to respond to questions, resolve client concerns and provide benefits and services before your clients even ask. The composed substance is probably going to be disregarded or missed, yet an animated video can exhibit every one of the subtleties in a brief span. 

You can expand your transformations by as much as 80% by basically setting up a brief explainer video on your site and internet-based life. 

  • Item Review 

Another generally excellent way that video substance showcasing can help your image is through item reviews. Product surveys have been advanced in the 21st century by tech locales and YouTubers. 

If your image is blessed enough to have a dependable brand network that trusts you, at that point, you can support your following tremendous support by evaluating items that they may discover valuable. 

In case your clients do confide in you, at that point your item audits can help their shopper necessary leadership procedure and order of procedures inside that to facilitate their shopping history.


  • Suitable for Almost Every Business 


With animated videos, you feel very easy to explain your product, whether it’s explainer video of product, infographics or any release announcement. It’s easy to explain it with the explainer video and more comfortable to understand by the viewers.

As a matter of fact, there are many large companies which already understand this trend and putting efforts to create animated videos for their organisation. Whether you desire to market a complex piece of software or a simple product, with an animated explainer video, you’ll be able to tell your story.

  • Easily Measurable 

In order to understand the real reach and campaigns success, every market specialist knows that all your efforts need to be measurable.

Here is the best thing, now you can measure social media performance of your video’s. Even it is easier and more detailed than the other online content. For instance, on YouTube, one can analyse the time when their video was watched. With this, one can also check whether the video was played complete or not and time the video got shared.

Other than the basic metrics that YouTube or Vimeo offer, there are various other leased services like VidYard or Wistia. 

These services provide in-depth information such as video full viewership rates or rewatches by the same user. Also, you need to know that social networks have paid promotion services, which allows you to monitor the campaign performance closely.

Maybe now you understand the impact of animated videos on digital marketing. So, don’t just understand it, also implement it in your work promotion. Or for building an online audience and presence for you.