Car charger device seems to be something that you have to carry everywhere you travel with your vehicle now. The device will help you to keep your mobile gadgets on in every situation. Shuonuoxin is a car charger manufacturer where you can find a charging device that meets your need.

Why Choosing the Manufacturer?

There are many reasons that make this car charge manufacturer become the great option to take by those who need a charging device with excellent performance and stylish design.

1. Talented Patent Models

Having more than 12 years in producing car charger devices, Shuonuoxin has produced more than 100 products with patented designs that the customers can select. There are 16 engineers that will be ready to fulfill your requirements any times. In the company, you will find whatever type of car charger you need with the specific features you require.

2. High Efficient Manufacturing

Shuonuoxin is considered to be the leading manufacturer in the industry due to some reasons and one of them is the highly efficient manufacturing conducted. The company is established on 5,000 squares of an area with 8 auto assemblings to support the production. Before the car chargers produced launched to market, they have passed through a tight aging test production line which functions to shorten the time needed for producing process. To make sure the high quality of the products, the raw materials will be used are also tested first with IQC. Meanwhile, the IPQC is conducting during the production process to ensure the quality. In addition, there are some tests should be pass through by the products such as OQC just before they are shipped to the customers. The car chargers produced by the company are also certified by UL, CE, FCC, and RoHS.

3. Outstanding Service

Another reason to make Shuonuoxin becomes the best car charge manufacturer in China is that the company comes with outstanding services. The company now has exported their products to over 40 countries in the world and collaborated with 20 strategic partners from other countries.

The Benefits of Using the Company’s Products

There are many benefits that the customers can enjoy from the company’s products, include:

1. OEM EDM Service

With more a decade of experience, the company knows well how to serve the customers and meet their satisfaction. Shuonuoxin is very experienced in creating custom-made car chargers based on the customers’ specific requirements. There is a design team that supports the company to bring all the customers’ dream about a car charger into reality. The team will listen to all your explanation about the custom car charger you need. There are 16 engineers that will be ready to make the prototype of your design before the company produces it. With specific mission bring the customers’ idea to a unique car charger, the company will put your satisfaction as top priority.

2. Various Choices of Products

One of the best things about this manufacturing is that it offers a wide range selection of car charger products that the customers can select. All of the products have a compatible design with elegant colors to make them fit your car interior design. The size of the products offered is also one of the main factors that boost the selling. They are quite small and easy to carry everywhere you go. The R&D that support the company consist of skillful and talented engineers that will work in various fields of production include electronic design, industrial design, package design, and structural design.

3. Strong QC

Another thing that brings the Shounuoxin becomes the leading car charger manufacturer in China is that the strong QC applied for every product created. The company commits to conduct strict inspections of every stage of production to minimize costs, delays, and risks. The inspections conducted are started from the very beginning stage like the choice of raw materials till the production process, finishing, and shipment. In this way, the customers will get the best product with the most excellent performance in its class.

4. Outstanding Sales

Every month, Shuonuoxin produces not less than 3 million car charger products on average. This is such a great amount of production that a manufacturer can result. This outstanding sale is such proof that this car charge manufacturer is trusted by many customers. The company works together with 20 partners from across the world that will be ready to provide the customers with best and quick services. The car charger devices produced are also to over 40 different countries. This will make it easier for the customers outside China regions to find the best car charger produced by the company.