Recruitment is the base of any business. Whether you always pay attention to profits or products but one thing that makes a business great is their employees. Once you have effective and professional candidates working in your business, you can never lag in the times of challenges. As more and more employers are paying attention to the employees recruited, they are taking no chance with their quality and potential.

The advent of Pre-employment tests

Since the businesses are on rise and the competition is cut throat; pre-employment tests are gathering much importance. More and more companies are investing in pre-employment tests for one or the other reason. But the most important reason that you should be having a pre-employment test in your business is quality employees.  When you spend a lot of money, efforts and energy on your recruitment drive, you must spare some time to find out if your recruitment is strong enough to produce the best candidates for you. Certainly, it would be disappointing for any organization to find that the candidates they recruited are not really effective. They lack calibre or efficiency.

Now the question that stands is which test you should be recruiting. Of course, it differs from company to company. A test that is effective for almost all the businesses or companies is a Quantitative aptitude test. The test not just assesses the calibre and problem solving potential of the candidates but also gives the recruiters a deep sight into the overall personality and effectivity of the candidates. To deal with numbers is not a cake walk.  People who are good at quantitative concept are always great with numbers.  Quantitative aptitude gage numerical capability and problem solving skills of applicants. It creates a vital part of almost all types of recruitment procedures.  This is one area that is used to filter out applicants as not everybody has the skill sets needed to sail through such a section. On the contrary, folks who are great at it, have a chance to convert it into a much scoring segment and enhance their possibilities of cracking the recruitment procedure and making their place in the business.


Quantitative aptitude is helpful in ensuring one’s accuracy. Given these numbers, graphs, percentages, formulas, analysis are at play. This is crucial for the executive to be highly precise, as there is smidgen of scope for errors. A mistake or an error can lead to huge losses. So, quantitative aptitude creates a significant part of most of the recruitment drives or competitive exams. Certainly you cannot afford to have an employee who is good at his tasks but ends up with mistakes when it comes to numbers.

The role of numbers

Everybody is not good with numbers. Numbers play a critical role in commerce and business in general. Balance sheets, investment analysis, profit and loss calculations, all of such and other such functions demand the candidate to be comfortable with numbers as they would have to tackle with all types of numerical data on a regular basis. Quantitative aptitude, therefore, creates an important pre- requisite for important roles in businesses.

Alertness at mind

What is the point if you recruit some candidates in your business that are smart and have more than needed qualification but lack alertness?  Remember quantitative aptitude tests the mental alertness of the people. Business arenas today are not so humble or polite.  There are complex challenges   that are a part of the routine.  Similarly, companies always have to be abreast about what is happening in the industry and the world as a whole so as to beat the competition in their niche. Since that is the case, alertness is absolutely crucial. If the employees working in your business are not alert, they might miss out the important changes and their carelessness can lead to infertile outcomes.

Potential to solve a problem

When you run a company or business, there are always chances to encounter challenges and problems. If you want to make sure that your business rise and touch the heights; you have to be careful with competitors, profits, regulations, employees and much more.  A management executive or employee struggles with various challenges every minute.  A huge part of his work demands him to find solutions to deal with the issues or problems arising. Not everybody has the neck to do this effectively. A fellow having quantitative aptitude is going to be better equipped to tackle the problems. The person will encompass a flair for looking for solutions for issues or problems.   Generally it has been seen that the employees who are more effective at solving a problem takes the companies to a great level than the ones who lack this trait. Problem solving is something that has to be there in at least all the employees who are on important designations in the business. No matter how strong the idea is or how effective the strategy is; if there arises a problem; the team should be equipped with the alertness and affectivity to deal with it. After all, problems never come with intimation.


Thus, the base line is that take only those candidates as employees in the important areas of your business who are good at quantitative abilities. Such a pre-employment test would help you in getting the best staff members for your business. A single test and you would get the right applicants. You can assess the other areas through interview and resume segments.