Today, people tend to have something that makes their life easier, including in charging their cell phone. The past technology requires people to plug in a charging device to energize their cellphones. But now, there is a wireless technology that will make things easier and Powermat is one of the leading companies in the industry.

What Is a Wireless Charging?

As the name suggests, wireless charging technology is a charging method without the need to plug a cable into the device. There are two types of wireless charging that commonly used. The first type builds the wireless charging into the actual phone. Another common type is adding it into the existing device by using a wireless charging case. Both the two types have their own advantages. However, by picking up the second option, you will be able to add the wireless charging device that is not included in the technology. The only weakness of this second type is that it will require higher cost and adds bulk too. Besides the two options available, there is an optional battery cover that comes with Qi built-in that people can select.

How Does the Wireless Charging Work?

A wireless charging technology utilizes electromagnetic fields in a single device and then induces an electric current which is applied in a metal coin put inside the other device. This will give power to the battery. There will be no safety issues that come with this wireless charging technology. This is because the electricity which is made within the device is being charged in it. There will be nothing to be worried about the existing sparks too while using this kind of charging technology.

The Advantages of Using the Wireless Charging

There are a lot of advantages that people can enjoy the charging method without using cable. The first advantage is, of course, it is very handy. You will not be burdened with the necessity to carry any busted charging cable. Instead of spending time and energy to pull in and out the cables each time you want to charge your gadgets, you will have a more practical tactic charger pad. This is very easy to do and time savings. Moreover, utilizing the charging device without wires will also help you to improve the longevity. Using the wireless charging device will also very helpful, especially if you have a dust or water resistant cell phone. With the advanced technology used in the charging method without cables, you do not need to touch your gadget anymore and this will help to keep the device clean. The nicest thing about using this charging technology is that most of the wireless charging standards are available in many public places in the United States. This will enable you to find a wireless charging pad in almost every place across the US. Not only that, the charging device without wires uses a universal standard to allow you to charge a whole bunch of devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches by using one set of chargers only.

About Powermat

Powermat is a company which specializes in providing wireless power solutions for OEM, public places, and individuals. The company’s services include providing charging spots for public places, as well as the software needed to support the maintenance, consumer reaction, and also the management. In this way, the clients will be able to control the wireless power network installed at their venues. The technology applied by the provider is based on the Inductively Coupled Power Transfer. The technology requires the placement of an alternating magnetic field which is generated inside a charging spot. Powermat comes with various products to offer to the customers include Transmitter (Tx) and Receivers (Rx) especially addressed for the public venues, consumers, and the mobile industry. The company also holds licenses for the technology applied that compliances with the Qi standard and AirFuel.

The Company’s Wireless Charging Technology

The wireless charging technology used by Powermat is known as an induction or inductive wireless charging. This charging technology will allow the company to create an alternating electromagnetic field to conduct an efficient and safe transfer of technology between the receiver and the transmitter unit. When the receiver unit is placed just near to the transmitter, the device will receive the electromagnetic field and then convert it into power. The receiver and transmitter unit will be able to increase the power level as well as manage the charging at the same time by using in-band signaling. The technology provided by Powermat has been adopted by various companies General Motors, Duracell, Starbucks, AT&T, and much more.