Printers are an essential tool for your home and office. From finding the correct ink cartridge to maintaining your printer is an important task. However, not many of us know exactly what to do.

If you are looking to keep your printer as good as new and want to enjoy crisp printouts, then here are some important tips to help you:

  • Clean your printer head

Cleaning your printer is crucial. By offering you multiple prints, the printer accumulates ink and dust particles. Once a month, unmount your printer head and clean with warm water. Let it dry before fixing it back. Remember, wet tissues and cleaning agents should not be used as they will cause permanent damage to the printing head.

  • Choose the right refill

Printer ink cartridges are expensive, granted. But you should never compromise on the quality. Even if you are looking for cheap printer ink cartridge options, you should look for brands that offer good quality ink. A lower end cartridge, which may be cheaper in comparison to branded ink cartridges, will damage your printer’s hardware. A HP Deskjet 2540 Printer Ink cartridge, however, will never damage a compatible HP printer.

  • Careful replacement of cartridges

While using printers, you will have to regularly replace the ink cartridges. Make sure that you are cautious while doing this. Making mistakes during replacements will not only harm the quality of prints, but you also risk damaging your printer. While replacing an ink cartridge, remember not to touch the bottom of the cartridge, as it will give out low-quality or distorted prints.

  • Turn off the printer when not in use

Printers generate a lot of heat when they are switched on. If you do not plan on using your printer regularly, make it a habit to switch it off. Leaving the printer on without making use of the printer for longer durations will only make the printer header to dry up and produce bad prints.

  • Use the printer regularly

Printer heads dry out when not in use. Even if you do not need to print something regularly, it is a good idea to print something every now and then. This will not only keep your printer’s header to dry out but will also save you the trouble of replacing an ink cartridge whenever you need it.

  • Don’t let the printer head dry out

Do not wait for the ink cartridge to run out completely. Modern printers notify you when the printer’s ink is running low. Take the cue and replace the ink cartridge to keep your printer’s hardware from ruination.

  • Keep your printer’s manual safe

Finding cheap printer cartridges isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. While using a printer is easy, there are many things that you may not know about. Your printer may have some glitches, which is why keeping a manual near is helpful. The manual has an explanation for every problem you may encounter and an easy method to fix it. With a manual around, you will not need to run to a professional to fix every minor problem.

Keeping a printer as good as new may come hard for you, but simple tips help you maintain your printer without any professional help.