Security has never been such an important factor to consider in all places of work. Physical security such installations of security cameras, fingerprint recognition systems and Ring doorbells have all become a fundamental part of keeping loved ones and assets safe from threats posing to cause inconvenience and large amounts of damage.

However, as security systems have developed over the years, the concept of technology has also evolved, bringing with it not only a wider catalogue of benefits for security but also loopholes which are used to gain unauthorised access. It is this grey area which causes large issues in the matter of physical and cyber security.

Cyber security

Elements involved with cyber security usually involve the creation of complex passwords for any remote device and private web based account. When created well using a mix of numbers, special characters such as ‘#’ plus a combination of both upper and lower case letters, passwords can stand a great chance as providing a first barrier of security against impending threats.

Other elements growing in popularity also include the installation of VPNs ( Virtual Private Networks) to gain premium levels of safety and protection for any chosen device. Using encrypted connections to a remote device which is very hard to trace back to the user, highly protected VPN sessions have been known to have a kill switch to cut connections when a threat is located. Making it ideal for combatting any cyber attacks or hacker attempts.

However, digitogy advise that although these steps being taken to increase PC protection and security are well founded and can really make a big difference, it is also down to the individual to play their part in keeping the system safe.

Physical security grey areas

Adventure and thoroughly planned thefts are not unknown to the world of cinema and many people will be familiar with movies such as Ocean’s 11 and The Heist. 

These movies like many others clearly show the skills being used behind the scenes to get past layers of security in order to achieve the end result, whether it be raiding a bank or stealing precious artefacts.

Physical security on its own is undoubtedly an effective method which leads to many arrests through CCTV footage and even the prevention of some crimes thanks to gathered intelligence using the same systems. However, with technology now taking over in many aspects of the everyday running of physical security there’s a lot more needed of security teams in order to protect their citizens. 

Hacking is not a new way of life and has certainly grown as technology has progressed. With skills being honed every day security teams now work harder than ever to ensure that physical security systems aren’t hacked via routes of cyber security.

Using the right software such as VPNs and other top security applications, physical security teams can maintain their duties effectively while also keeping watch of alerts to incoming crime from the other side. 


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