Personalization has encouraged customer participation at a broader level. The main motive of personalization is to create customer-specific products designed exclusively to meet their demands and requirements. Whenever you ask a customer to describe your online shopping experience, you can notice the difference of opinions between the individuals. While shopping online on great online stores one customer might like the product while another may be increasingly hostile towards the services. To create an innovative online shopping experience, many retailers and shoppers have switched to strategic planning and implementation, which focus on personalization and Customization of shopping products. Each consumer in the market holds a unique place where they look for the products and services based upon their personal interests and preferences.

What is the need for Personalization?

Personalization stands as a powerful marketing strategy that has the ability to enrich the consumer experience and increase the sales of marketing. Long ago, personalization seemed like an idealistic concept when talking about the experience of online shopping. But, now, the marketing strategies aim to increase the interaction and personal experience of the customers. Personalization has managed to create an interactive online shopping experience for the customers, which has improved the employee-customer relationships and strengthened the hold of retailers in the market. Shopping retailers follow a devised set of strategic planning and implementation to personalize the online shopping experience and pull in the large crowd of customers.

How to make the shopping experience more personalized?

  • Product Recommendations: Whenever a product is newly launched in the market, there is a need to mass promote the product so that it stays at everyone’s dashboard when initiating an online purchase. Experience of online shopping from largest e-commerce website has been ultimately enhanced by the use of product recommendation service. These days it is very common to come across a situation where you are scrolling through your shopping sites or receiving emails about a particular product recommendation. These product recommendations give customers an outline of a new or innovative product launched on the site or in the market, thus generating awareness. Personalized recommendations create a more innovative online shopping experience and allow the customer to know and test the new product in the market.
  • Customization: Whenever customers are told to describe your online experience, the main problems faced were lack of personal touch to the product and misfits of the product. Many brands and online sites have launched different software with a mix of quiz and feedback platforms where customers can select their ideal type, customize designs for their product, and highlight their preferences. This enables the retailers to improve the online shopping experience by customizing the products for their customers, giving them a touch of personal belonging, and developing a strong trust factor.
  • Data Analyzation and History Management: 

Knowing what is best for your customers is the biggest success story of popular retailers or sites. Online shopping personalization stands firm at the idea of giving the best to the customers for the product and service they need or require. Data analysis and checking the browsing history of the consumers gives you an insight into their desires and needs. Therefore, it enables you to present the product that will suit the needs and likes of customers the best and generate a positive sales outcome. They try to create an interactive online shopping experience by recommending or showing the products based on the customers’ previous purchase history and browsing habits. This involves featuring the best sellers and category sorted products on the customer’s dashboard.

  • Customer Segmentation: Persona-based segmentation enlightens the experience of online shopping by grouping customers into small categories. Using this strategic planning and implementation technique, e-retailers and sites can customize the notifications based on the customer category. They can be divided into regular shoppers, research customers, one-timers, time-killers, and bargainers. All these categories allow them to generate innovative online shopping experience for the customers as well as the retailers.
  • Augmented Reality: 3 D augmented reality and voice automated chatbots have gained momentum in the e-marketing line. Many sites like lenskart, Sephora, etc., have managed to give a 3D augmented reality experience to the consumers taking personalization to the next level. The first suggestion that comes for how to improve online shopping experience involves the establishment of augmented reality and chatbots technology on e-retailing websites. Imagine customers can try the product in a 3-D reality and decide whether it suits them or not. This form of personalization establishes a sense of security and satisfaction in the customer’s mind since they are not doubtful about its appeal and the complementation with your body.
  • Social Media Promotions: 

The next step towards online shopping personalization is promoting the products over the customers’ social media accounts in the form of sponsored ads or recommendations. This also allows in improving the online shopping experience by getting a place on the customer’s private account space and keeps them updated with new deals and offers.

  • Notification and Email Updates: 

To maintain the old customer base and engage new customers, it is crucial to keep them updated about the latest deals and new launches of a product on the site. When thinking about improving the online shopping experience, your primary focus should be on managing a regular customer connection. This level of personalization and conversation can be attained by the set of personalized email services telling the customers about new products, cashback, and launches. Even the in-app notifications are an important part of strategic implementation and planning to increase marketing sales.


How to improve the online shopping experience? Just follow the following strategies and enhance the personalization experience of the customers. All you need is to focus your marketing strategies on a separate individual customer base that will help you generate an innovative online shopping experience like megastore Desertcart and attract a wide number of customers to your shopping portals. There are many ways to increase marketing sales and popularity. Achieving the proper level of personalization and customization has become the need of an hour to thrive in the competition among the most prominent market names.