Innovative ways for effective Search Engine Optimization on YouTube

Launched in 2005, YouTube is a social media platform where the contents are video-oriented. This mode of audience engagement has led people to view streaming videos ranging on almost every topic be it fun, entertainment, musical, educational, or DIY (Do It Yourself).

YouTube is owned by none other than Google. This platform is second only to Netflix when it comes to global video traffic. Currently, it has more than one billion users and is growing. It also reflects the way people are now accessing the internet as more than half of all its video viewing comes from mobile devices. Knowing the audience’s penchant for watching videos, content owners nowadays buy YouTube watch time hours from third party vendors to boost audience engagement and catalyze more into organic viewing.

This dominance is also reflecting the way people browse content on the internet. Videos are more attractive than textual content and have a greater retention power with the audience. With so many options available on the digital medium and catering to different niches, it requires a hell of a lot of competition to stay ahead of others.

Apart from individuals, businesses are increasingly turning to YouTube for marketing activities. Compared to conventional advertising, here on YouTube, it is cost-effective and the reach is phenomenal.  Apart from advertising their product or services on their video channel, companies also advertise on other video channels thereby giving a double edge marketing strategy.  This allows exponential growth in a shorter time.

Taking advantage of Metadata

Every day more than 4 billion YouTube are viewed, as such the chances of your video getting lost in the digital crowd are extremely high. Therefore, one must optimize the metadata of the video. Metadata involves title and description of a video. It also considers video tags when ranking high on YouTube and Google.


The title is critical for any video content. Having a short and crisp title that describes the video accurately helps. Once the viewers get influenced to watch the video after reading the title, their engagement may be abruptly terminated if the content does not resonate with the title. Also having appropriate keywords in the title helps people find your videos easily.  One can also take help from YouTube Keyword Suggestion tools that help to get the exact match.


Descriptions should be adequate to highlight what the audience can expect from the video. Here also keywords are critical for search optimization and they can be the same as those used in the title. Using a URL of the company website here would also help the viewer to visit the website for more product information as shown in the video.


Using tags to the video with proper use of the keywords that were used in the title or description, is an ideal way. Tags must include a word or phrase that is relevant to the video content.

The above innovative ways of YouTube optimization are simple and extremely effective.  For proper use of Metadata, one can take the help of experts such as YoutubeStorm.