Once upon a time, in the days when HD flatscreen TVs were new, the age of TV antennas came to an end. As HD TVs became standard, so did HD cable programming. The fuzzy, crackly image quality you got from using an antenna for TV became obsolete.

But rest assured: that is not how antennas work today, not even close! Today’s antennas receive crystal-clear, high-definition programming from more local channels than ever before. The use of digital TV antennas has increased to 20% of all households and that number is still growing.

Antennas may have been outdated before, but they’ve come a long way since then. Now, they offer benefits you can’t get from any subscription service. Learn all about these benefits below.

1. They’re Free

The number one benefit of using an antenna for TV is that it costs you nothing. Welll technically, it costs money to buy it. And for external roof antennas, you’ll also need to pay a local antenna installation company, like Nu Life TV, to install it.

But after that, you can watch every station your local area provides, as much as you want, for $0/month. That’s free TV for the life of the antenna. There’s literally no better deal you can get for TV programming.

2. Watch Your Favorite Shows (Before Your Friends Do)

While local programming varies, the networks do not. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, etc.—these networks make sure they reach every populated location in the country. So, no matter what your location, if you get TV reception, the major networks will be included.

What this means for you is you get to watch every major network show the moment they premier. Even better, you get to watch them before they’re available on subscription video streaming services like Netflix.

These shows always premier on their original network days, weeks, even months before they’re available elsewhere. Some of them may never be available on your streaming video plan.

3. Watch Exclusive Programming

This category doesn’t include much but is still noteworthy. As we mentioned, some network programming will never make it onto streaming services. 

Some content, like local news/sports and public access TV, is only available with local TV reception. This is exclusive programming you can’t get anywhere else.

Now, some cable companies include select local channels for this reason. But not all cable or satellite companies do.

And when they do, it may not be local at all. Often, the “local” channels cable provides are actually from a major city 100 miles away, not your exact neighborhood.

4. Receive Exclusive Channels

Plus, the local programming offered by cable doesn’t typically include all local stations. They might include the main channels, but not the 3 or 4 subchannels these stations also broadcast. For these, you’ll need an antenna.

5. No Interruption of Service

Sometimes you have to forego a month of cable service to pay for your Christmas shopping. Sometimes a storm interrupts your satellite service.

Such interruptions are never an issue with broadcast networks.

Now, it’s possible for a storm to blow your antenna off your roof. But you can always have an indoor antenna set up as well for just such an occasion.

Why You Should Use an Antenna For TV

Using an antenna for TV provides exclusive benefits you can’t get anywhere else. Besides, you don’t have to quit any other services to use it. And it’s free, so you don’t have to work it into your budget. 

You have literally nothing to lose by using an antenna, and much to gain! Get a TV antenna today and check out what you’ve been missing.

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