Every year, techies and consumers, alike, wait with anticipation to see the remarkable new products that are going to becomes available in the upcoming year. And, this year promises to be as game-changing as the last where technology is concerned. The latest devices, as you might expect, are newer, perform better and come with more bells and whistles than ever before.

As devices get smaller and more impressive, consumers will find printing technologies also offer many new and exciting advancements this year. In addition to fulfilling the needs of the average consumer, printers this year will take the best of last year and improve even further. Whether it involves technology that makes it possible to print multi-dimensional objects or provides a more fluid printing system, what’s new in printing is truly exciting this year.

Keep reading to learn more about what’s new in printing in 2019 and how these advancements can benefit you going forward.

Eco-Platform For Larger Business

While providing green products and giving businesses a way to dispose of the products in an environmentally-friendly way is now a part of modern business, newer technologies have made it possible for businesses to save a lot of money on printer cartridges. The biggest introduction in printing are the printers that have moved beyond just having fancy applications to printers that are actually saving businesses dollars. In some cases, these eco-friendly printers are capable of saving businesses hundreds of dollars on cartridges simply because the printers only need to replace their cartridges once a year. While these printers typically cost more than others, the amount of money businesses will save over time is well worth the investment.


Even though 3D-printing has been around for a while, 2019 is touted to be the year of even more accessibility to the average user. This technology allows for printers to recreate a prototype of an object through printing technology, which has allowed researchers and other enthusiasts the ability to recreate objects made from both plastics and metals. Initially, this technology was expensive, but it is increasingly becoming more affordable to acquire these printers. This particular invention is significant because it can potentially change the way products are mass-produced in the future.

More Integration

This year will also bring more integration in terms of connecting printers with other technologies. While printers with scanning, printing, copying, and faxing capabilities are accessible to many consumers now, this year’s printers will provide consumers with a wide array of functions, including electronic printing from multiple devices. Whether printing from your phone, tablet or PC, printer models are currently being outfitted with technologies that allow for more flexibility in printing from any number of locations.

Focus On Security

With the ability to print from a number of locations, security is a major issue. This year’s printers will also include features that will require personal identification verification to retrieve documents. Hypothetically speaking, if working in an office, the printer would come with technology that would not allow employees to retrieve documents without some kind of a passkey associated with their identity.

Data Collection

Another major feature that will remain a fixture is the ability for printers to collect data on the documents being printed. In addition to documenting how many prints a certain department makes, these printers will also be able to record various analytics that assess the overall functionality of the printer. This feature alone is great for larger businesses who need to know whether their printer is actually working for them.

Printers In The Upcoming Year

Many of these new advancements in printer technology are improvements on what has been on the market already with some new additions. Consumers will be able to benefit from printing programs that were once inaccessible because of cost but are now more affordable than ever before. Finally, while cost is a major factor for many people, manufacturers in their usual fashion will find a way to make these products accessible to everyone.