In today’s global world, consumers are really changing previous marketing trends and rules of sale. For instance, as opposed to before, if a person is no longer using an app in his/her mobile phone, they consider completely deleting it from the phone. The same case applies to apps that do not add value to the lives of the customers. Only 9.4% of people nowadays are spending any time on an app that is not sustaining their needs.

This basically means that, sales people should quickly adapt with these changes in order to ensure that they keep in pace with these new breed of consumers. A serious sales person should understand the prospects of the customers. The first method of doing this may be through sending personalized emails to customers in such a way that, they feel included in the entire marketing process. A salesperson is expected to display vulnerability in order to show to the customers that they are a real person. This technique is very effective in kick-starting a conversation with a customer.

Salesforce tips and tricks

  1. Negotiating throughout the sale process

Communication is the key factor in acquiring new clients to buy your products and services. The less time you take to talk to the client, the less chances you have of winning them as your potential customer. Although person to person communication is the best form of communication in the whole process, a salesperson should try as much as possible to speak to the potential customer via phone. This is simply because, out of all the communication mediums such as email and texting, phone seems to have a more convincing power.

Each and every salesperson understands that, even though you may be busy with other tasks, you should always make sure that you provide fast and responsive feedback. You should always ensure that the client is informed on the time to expect feedback. On the other hand, you should be empathetic along the whole process of communication. This shows the customers that you deeply understand their need and are in a good position to solve it.

  1. Negotiate contracts and prices

A good salesperson should understand that a negotiating process is not about battling in order to increase the price. The best negotiation however, is done bearing in mind that the price should be mutually benefiting for both parties. In order to navigate the process of negotiation easily and as well make it short, you should always align yourself with a prospect to collaborate with the customer. On the other hand, you should always mention to the customer your initial proposal in order to have a negotiating starting point.

Allowing discounts to customers is deemed as inappropriate since it is a subtle indicator that your products or services are not worth the listed price. Therefore, you should never make a discount unless you had agreed beforehand on a bargain that you will get in return. Finally, before you seek to be understood by the customer, always make sure that you ask several critical questions that will show them that you are interested in their point of view.

  1. How to close a deal

Many a salespeople occasionally fail in closing a deal. Each and every time you are closing a deal, you have to be direct and clear. This task is majorly undertaken by the assistant manager on behalf of the manager. By carrying the authority if the manager, he/she is obliged to be more direct and clear when closing a deal with a customer. On the other hand, a salesperson should ensure that he informs the customer of other products that the company offers during the normal course of communication. This makes the customer aware of available products which they otherwise might have not known.

  1. Dealing with an angry customer

The first thing that an angry customer wants is to be listened to. A mistake that salespeople do is by trying to solve the problem right away. However, in most cases, this may only lead to more problems. You should always stay calm, listen carefully to their concerns and complains and try to solve the problem in the best possible way. This tip may help you turn a negative situation in to a positive one by making an angry customer happy.

On the other hand, you should always that you are proactive in your responses by showing empathy. Ask them questions on how they feel the problem can be corrected and try to put yourself into their shoes.


In order to become effective in the above salesforce tips and tricks, you should of course have experience or have undertaken a salesforce online course. Finally, perfection of these tips and tricks requires a bit of time and some practice.