Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a set of detailed practices that focuses on, harmonizing IT services with the requirements of the business. ITIL characterizes processes, tasks, and procedures which can be implemented by an organization for better consolidation with the organization’s strategies and objectives.

ITIL® Certification establishes a baseline for an organization with the help of which they can plan, implement, and measure. The main goal of the Information TechnologyInfrastructure Library is to improve efficiency. ITIL provides directions to the organization and shows the path to people for utilizing IT as a tool to encourage business change and development.

Constituent Elements of ITIL Certification Cost

The candidates who will be taking the ITIL foundation exam have to consider certain costs that he will have to incur. They would have to bear the ITIL foundation exam cost and if in case they plan to take the course pack to prepare for the examination that can be considered as an additional charge to the cost.

According to the various levels of the ITIL examination, the certification cost can be divided as mentioned below:

  • ITIL Foundation Certification Cost

It is an entry-level exam that covers the key elements, concepts, and terminology that are used in the ITIL service lifecycle. Candidates that take up the foundation level of examination will be able to acquire basic knowledge of ITIL frameworks. Although there are many institutes that provide the training for the examination, it is important to look at how the training is provided. The ITIL foundation certification training is available at different prices depending upon the mode chosen for the examination. For a classroom-type training, the cost is ₹ 19900. For the candidates those who choose live and online training, foundation level exam can cost them ₹ 17900 and those who prefer self-learning courses have to spend₹15900 plus taxes.

  • ITIL Practitioner Certification Cost

ITIL Practitioner level certification helps the candidates to learn how to adopt the ITIL practices in the work environment. Once the candidate has learned the concepts and terminologies in the ITIL foundation level he can now take ITIL practitioner examination. After this certification, he will not only be able to speak the ITIL language but will also be able to use it effectively. ITIL practitioner training i0073 also available at different prices according to the mode of training chosen by the candidate. The cost for the classroom level training is ₹29900. For the candidates taking live and online training for the practitioner level, has to pay a cost of ₹25900 and self-learning courses to cost the professionals a sum of ₹23900 plus tax.

  • ITIL Intermediate Certification Cost

ITIL Intermediate Certification has a modular structure in which each module focuses on different prospects of Information TechnologyService Management (ITSM). ITIL Intermediate certification, being an industry recognized qualification demands the professionals to attend training sessions. Unlike the foundation and practitioner level certification, Intermediate certification can be taken through self-studies. The training costs of the ITIL intermediate training are also available at different prices. For the classroom level training the cost of the course if ₹ 26900. If the professionals are taking the live online training the cost can vary to ₹ 22900 and self-learning cost i9f ₹ 20900 plus the taxes.

  • ITIL Expert Certification Cost

ITIL Expert Certification helps in gaining superior knowledge and skills in the ITIL framework. It is a pre-requisite for the last level that is the ITIL master certification. This certification is costly than the other certifications, so, the candidate needs to prepare himself financially for taking up the expert level of ITIL. The training associated with the expert level is aligned with the latest version of ITIL and is provided by the best trainers of the industry those who have a great amount of experience. The cost of the ITIL expert level also varies according to the option chosen by the professional from the classroom to self-learning. For classroom level training the professional has to spend ₹161400, for live online training the cost is ₹137400 and the self-learning costs ₹125400 plus taxes.

  • ITIL Master Certification Cost

ITIL Master level certification is the highest level of certification and has no fixed syllabus or training course. Only those professionals who have worked in IT Service Management for at least five years as a leader, managerial or higher management advisory levels can apply for ITIL.

Other than the certification cost, there are various other aspects that add to the certification cost and that include:

  • ITIL Study Guide

Candidates those who want to take up the certification may not always prefer to go for a training session but can also choose to self-study that can be done through a study guide. This study book material that can be used effectively for the preparation can cost $ 30.

  • ITIL Practice Test

Candidates who wish to prepare for ITIL certification, need to make a study plan. Plans of such candidates must include taking up practice tests which will help them in self-monitoring of their performance. Many professional ITIL certification examination websites have practice tests that are available online and can cost up to $25-$50. However, there are some free practice tests that are also available that can help professionals in bringing down the cost of the examination.

  • Other ITIL Resources

While estimating the cost of certification, one needs to keep a contingency in mind in case of any additional needs. For bringing down the stress level of the candidates more tests can be availed. For ensuring a quick revision of the concepts, resources like diagrams, flowcharts, and mind maps can be used by the candidates.

  • OnlineITIL Training

This ITIL Training gives the candidate the flexibility of learning. The candidate can take up the training from anywhere and at any time. The cost for the online courses available with ITIL is much less than any other mode. The average cost for the online ITIL training is $275 that can vary according to the country you are residing in.

Keeping in mind the various prospects mentioned above, the professionals can take up the ITIL examinations and choose the type of training they require by keeping the expenses in the set budget.