Technology is currently enhancing pretty much every aspect of our lives and the ‘internet of things’ is set to turn this up a notch.  At the centre of this will inevitably be our smartphones. When paired with the right app, our phones can improve the usefulness of our favourite devices even further

Below are three apps that we think will enhance your experience with other devices.

Improve your Smartwatch – Google Fit

Traditionally watches had the sole use of informing us of the time but they are now increasingly being used to track our health and fitness. Google Fit represents Google’s foray into the wearables industry

Google Fit connects to your device and uses the inbuilt sensors in your Android watch to track steps taken, calories burned, and distance covered.

It then turns this information graphs and charts and encourages you to set your own personal goals.

To get started with the app you input your personal information i.e gender, weight, age et al and then the app will begin to suggest targets that you should hit and pop up to during lazy days to remind you to get up and move!

All the data regarding my activity and heart rate from my smartwatch was great but Google Fit enhanced it. Not only does the app make all the data collected useful and readily accessible in one place it actually makes exercise fun and encourages you to increase your fitness to reach the next level

Improve your Vaporizer – Crafty Official App

Over the last decade or so, the popularity of vaping has grown exponentially as the public become more aware of the dangers of smoking. In the race for market share, the leading vape brands have invested millions into designing and building the most technologically advanced vaporizers.

One of the best-reviewed herb vaporizers is the Crafty. Despite being one of the smallest and lightest vaporizers it lacks very little performance. Storz and Bickel are famed for providing some of the finest vaping devices and the Crafty does not disappoint. It’s full of technologically advanced features such as hybrid heating and air cooling.

However,  the feature that really sets the device apart from its competition is its ability to connect with your smartphone via the official Crafty app that can be downloaded from the Google play store.

The Crafty app enhances vaping sessions by providing its users with advanced functionality including precise temperature control, boost mode and the ability to check battery life.

Improve your games console – PS4 app

When the Sony originally released the PS4 app it didn’t really have much functionality and it was only able to check your friend’s trophies and see if they’re online.

However, the app has been re-released with a wealth of features that really improves on your experience with Sony’s next-gen console and makes the app worth the space it takes up on your android phone or tablet.

The new version of the app brings social to the forefront. Upon opening the app you’ll be presented with a Facebook-style feed and you’ll instantly be able to see what your friends have been playing, and encourage engagement and interaction

Also, what is really useful about the app is being able to control your PS4 remotely as long as the console has an active internet connection.

I purchased a game online on the app using the PS4 store whilst I was at work. I then used the app to set my PlayStation to download and it and when I got home it had completed and was ready to play.