Most businesses frequently experience data loss. With the viruses and human errors gaps, it’s easy to lose important files. Therefore, it’s advisable to back up your data. However, most people ignore it or don’t know how to do it.

Some computer users overlook backing up of files because they can access the files from other coworkers’ computer. But, it’s a risky move because your coworker might not have all your files.

There are various ways you can back up your files. You can have your company DBA or contract an external DBA which is safer. Make it a habit to back up your data regularly. In other words, take it as cyber hygiene where you send all your data in a safe backup in case malware attacks your computer and the whole business system.

So what do you need to know about backing up your computer?

  1. What it means to back up

It is making copies of your files then save them in another system or database. So, if you have clients’ invoices, contact information, business strategies, and every information composing your business, back it up. So, when you lose everything through fire or malware, you’ll be sure to get all essential files from an oracle remote DBA.

  1. The files that need back up

The files include images, transactions, graphs, PDF, or anything downloaded to run your business. Additionally, you need to back up programs. If for example, you’re developing software for ten clients, it will be frustrating to lose all the applications.

  1. Why you should start backing up now

If you’ve never backed up your files, it’s essential you know what happened in May 2017. Millions of computers were remotely held for ransom, and users couldn’t access their data. Imagine what would happen in your hospital if all your research, patients file and record, tests were all lost.

Assume some of the medical executives have backed up the files, but do they have what you think they have? They may have some data but not the whole system files. Therefore consider contracting oracle remote DBA.

  1. Is backing up process complicated?

No. it’s easy, and it takes minimal time to back up data. If you’re backing up your files, you decide what to copy and what’s not essential. But, you can back up the whole system to avoid losing data you might need later.

  1. What you need to back up your files

Backing up files is not expensive. There are various options from which you can choose. If you have a few files, copy your files to an external drive. Choosing ways which you need to back up depends on the type of data you need saving and the frequency at which you make copies. So, if your data is sensitive, it’s advisable to entrust your files to a reliable database administrator.

Bottom Line

Backing up your data is essential, but doing it correctly is more important. Ensure you back up all the crucial files regularly. However, if you’re not confident about it or if you have a busy schedule, sign the assignment to a reliable DBA.