Preventing misuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is essential to the smooth functioning of a business. Companies need a strict and clear policy about consuming alcohol or abusing drugs that they should communicate to their employees clearly. These regulations should include drug testing and disciplinary measures that will be taken if tests prove positive. A comprehensive and easy to understand drug policy will ensure that the workplace is safe and the business runs smoothly.


Companies should make the terms of their drug policies and the consequences of violation of the terms very clear. There are many organizations that offer the services of drafting or reviewing the drug policies of a company to ensure that the policy is effective and will prevent any possible abuse related problems.


The drug policy of the company should clearly state the reasons for testing employees. These reasons include pre-employment testing for new employees, if employers suspect that the employee is abusing drugs or alcohol, random testing, testing after an accident occurs and testing after an employee has been to rehab like Orlando rehabs and returned to work.


The drug policy of the company should clearly state the consequences when an employee refuses to do a drug test. The policy should also state the consequences of employees delaying tests and avoid coming for scheduled tests and the consequences if the employee refuses to provide a urine or breath sample. The drug policy should clearly state the consequences of the employee not completing the testing process or refusing to take a second test or refusing to cooperate with the drug testing process.


Companies that do not have a drug policy do not have a safe workplace. Employees who have consumed alcohol or are high on drugs are likely to cause accidents. They are also likely to do negligent acts that endanger the lives of their co- workers and damage the property of the company. The company should test employees who perform safety-sensitive tasks for drugs and alcohol because they are most likely to hurt others or themselves during work.


Companies that do not have a drug policy and do not follow a strict drug testing system find that the productivity of the workforce suffers. Employees who are high on drugs or have consumed alcohol are careless, make mistakes often, miss deadlines, are unable to concentrate, are often tired and their judgement and work quality suffers. Employees with addiction problems also stay away from work, they are often sick, take extended lunch breaks and unexpectedly disappear from the job. Employees with alcohol and drug problems are constantly in conflict with co-workers. They blame co-workers and their tools.


Insurance companies offer lower rates on worker’s compensation insurance for companies that have a strict drug policy and conduct regular drug testing for employees. Health insurance rates are also lower for companies that have strict drug policies and that conduct drug tests. Companies with drug policies have to pay lower premiums as compared to companies that do not have a drug policy.


Many employers are hesitant about conducting drug tests because they are concerned that it violates the privacy of their employees. Federal and State Government employees are expected to undergo drug tests. Government employees who are concerned with national security and law enforcement and those who handle sensitive and classified information are subject to drug tests. In some state’s employers are expected to give an offer of employment with a condition that a drug test will be conducted. Other states expect employers to give a written notice or clearly state in the job posting that a drug test will be conducted. Some states allow random testing for drugs while others expect employers to randomly test employees for drugs based on reasonable suspicion. When a workplace accident occurs, federal law and some state laws allow employers to conduct drug tests on employees.

Social Responsibility

Companies that have a strict drug testing policy send a strong message to the community. The public view of the company is that of a company that is concerned with the health of their employees and the safety of the workforce. Some companies not only have a drug testing policy but also help their employees recover from addiction.

One of the best investments that a company can make is a drug policy and a drug testing system for the safety of their employees and overall productivity. Companies with drug policies can also avoid hiring high risk employees.