For many reasons, you may need to format your hard drive. Maybe, it is due to the virus attack that has damaged many of your files and even the computer system. Besides, formatting is also a simplest and fastest way to delete all of your files. However, the problem is when there are some of those files that are still needed. So, what should you do? Don’t be panic since there is now iSkysoft Data Recovery.

iSkysoft Data Recovery is a kind of software to recover data from a computer and any storage device. It is compatible with many types of loss starting from the deletion using Shift + Deletes, hidden data for the partition and virus attack, data corruption, to the formatted data. So, how is to bring back the formatted data using the data recovery software? Here are the steps.

Connect the Hard Drive to the Computer

For the internal hard drive, sure, you should not do anything else. But for the external ones, you must connect it to the computer at first. Make sure that the drive has been connected well so that the software is able to detect it.

Meanwhile, you must have iSkysoft data recovery software by downloading the iSkysoft toolbox first. There is no additional device to install the software properties. Launch it after the installation process is successful.

Go to Lost File Recovery Mode

The data recovery software, in general, provides 4 methods for recovery and restoration. Particularly for the formatted files, you can go to the first mode; it is Lost File Recovery. Indeed, this mode is designed for the deletion using Shift + Delete. But more than that, it is possible to bring back the data that have been permanently deleted from the recycle bin and formatted.

Choose the Type of Files and Location

Once you click the Lost File Recovery Mode, there is another window appeared that asks you to choose the type of files. Some formats are provided there including image, audio, video, document, email, and the other types of files. Of course, if the format of your intended files is not mentioned there, you must go to the last option. Follow it by clicking next.

After choosing the type of files, the next window is about the location. You must remember where the data previously saved. Some options of the hard drive are available including the external hard drive if you have been installed it properly. You can choose one of them.

How is if you cannot remember where the data are saved? You should not worry; iSkysoft data recovery software provides you the last option for this problem. After deciding which one that must be chosen, click the Next button.

Scan the Hard Drive

The scanning process is started just after you click the Next button. There are two options whether you want to have the fast or in-depth scanning. The fast scanning enables you to process the recovery more quickly but the result is only the raw data. This mode is more effective if you remember well the name of the files as well as the location.

On the other hand, the in-depth scanning by iSkysoft data recovery is for you who want to find many files. The process is a little bit longer but you can find more results. Meanwhile, it is necessary for you who cannot remember exactly the name and location of the files.

Preview and Save the Files

The results have appeared so that this is the time to check them one by one. If you want to save them all, it is easier since you can just click the Restore button and save them into the folders that you prepared before. But in a case you only need one or two important files, it is better to see the previews first.

Click the file and the content simply appears in a bigger size. If you want it, you can save it but if you don’t, you can move to the other files. Simply, you can just recover data from the computer and any storage device in some minutes.


iSkysoft data recovery has some important functions in term of file recovery. One of them is to restore the lost data due to the formatting process through some easy steps.