If you run a business, then video marketing is one digital marketing area you cannot ignore. Given that more people prefer to watch videos than read through a big, chunky block of text, you can supercharge your marketing efforts if you spend some money and time to create impactful videos. And below, we list out a few tips that can make your video marketing campaign a success.

Create Stories

The main thing you should focus on when creating a video ad is to create a story in the video. Just editing some shots and adding music won’t do. In order to make the video memorable, you need to convey a story that interests the people. And when the audience does get interested in the story you are saying, they will remember your video and your brand. For example, if you are selling a watch, then don’t just create a video ad wherein you show a model gyrating to music while wearing a watch. There is nothing memorable about the video and people will just forget it instantly. Instead, if you show how someone’s watch helps them to get a date, then that will have a far greater impact in the minds of the audience.

Hire The Best Agency 

Hiring the best video marketing agency is very crucial to the success of your campaign. And it is better to hire a local agency rather than some form very far away from you. So, if your business is located in Salt Lake City, then look for Salt Lake City video production businesses and contact them. Check out their portfolio and make sure that they have had good experience in creating highly impactful video campaigns. And if they have created content for clients who are from the niche your business operates in, then all the better.

Hook Within 5 Seconds

One of the most critical portions of any video is the initial few seconds. If you can get the customer get interested within 5 seconds of them watching your video, then you can be sure that their curiosity will make them watch your content in full. But if they remain disinterested when watching the first 5 seconds of your video, chances are that they will close your video and move on to other videos. So, try creating a hook within the initial few seconds itself. Never create a video where the most interesting content only exists after a few minutes of playing the video.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Selling

The ear of hard selling videos where you ask the audience repeatedly to buy your product is over, at least on the internet. If you do that, then the audience will feel pressured into accepting your product, as a result of which they might stop watching your video midway. So, dial down on the hard selling. Instead, try to present the product in a way that they subconsciously feel the need to buy it. Such types of subtle messages will reap far better results in your video marketing campaign that hard selling.

Status And Emotions

Your video must focus on manipulating two aspects of human nature – status and emotions. All people want to be perceived as being the best. And this is why they spent a lot of time and money to buy products that can give them a unique identity among other people. This need for ‘status building’ is something that you can exploit through your videos. Makes sure that the content is such that audience will feel that buying and using your product will improve their status in society. If you can make them feel this way, then your video marketing campaign will be a definite success. In addition, try to mix in some emotions with the video. People will connect to something more when they have an emotional connection with it. So, if your video makes people feel sad or happy, then you will have a far greater success in turning them into paying customers.

Benefits Over Competitors

Make sure that you clearly highlight how a customer will benefit from using your product. Ideally, this must be done by showing how your product provides a better value proposition and benefits than the competitors. The comparison need not be explicit. However, just knowing that your product will help them much better than a similar product they are currently using is good enough to make the majority of customers at least try out your product for once. And if you do have a good product, then you are guaranteed to build a loyal customer base pretty quick.