Instagram is a social media app in which users can easily share images and videos from smartphones. It is similar to some others social media network like Twitter and Facebook; a user can quickly create a new profile and check out the latest news feeds. When a user posts its picture or shares any video on Instagram, it will show on the profile. Your friend who is following you will see your post. Likewise, you can look at your friend’s post to whom you are following.It’s Like a simple version of the Facebook app in which peoples are sharing their excellent pictures.

As same as other social media you can follow your friends and be followed by your friends. The user can also perform commenting to post, tagging to friends, sending messages, etc. A user can also save the picture to his smartphone. Instagram app is available on Google Play Store and IOS Store.Instagram can also be accessible from PC or Laptop; people can only share their picture or video. Before you want to use and check out news feed, Instagram will ask you to create a new account and start sharing your images. People can also create the new account with existing email or facebook account.

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