Technology over the years has introduced one of the greatest smartphones that have made the world a planet of smartphones. Though the smartphones have plenty of operating systems on the market today, few have made the way to the next level and the Android OS is the most advanced and widely used mobile phone to date. No matter what, if a user is literate to the technology or not, but when it comes to the use of Android phones, it has provided the people user-friendly interface that is the fascinating part of the android technology.

On the other hand, the sudden rise in the rise of the Android technology, there is the number of people that want to convert someone’s Android cell phone into bugging device in order to monitor the android phone activities to the fullest to stay updated. On moral grounds for digital parenting, for the protection of the business employees tracking and to build the healthy relationship, there is a dire need to convert android phone into the bugging device.

Reasons behind to convert Android phone to bugging device

The digital world has made the social media platforms full of vulnerabilities for young kids and teens and they use Android phones for social networking through social messaging apps. On the hand, cyber predators are in the large numbers of instant messengers. Furthermore, employers that want to keep an eye on their employee’s activities on the company’s owned android gadgets for productivity and those people that are running with the relationship trust deficit having some odd reservation, changing the Android gadget into a bugging one would be worthy enough.

Turn android phone into a bugging device

It requires the installation of the android spy app on the target android cell phone. Therefore, subscribe to the mobile spy app for android and get the credentials and memorize it. Now you have to get the physical access to the phone and then install the Android surveillance software on the target android gadget. Furthermore, once you have ended up with the process of the installation, activate the mobile phone tracking app for android on the target Android smartphone.

Get access to the android monitoring app online control panel

Now use the passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription via email. Once you have use the credentials, then you will get access to the web portal of the android monitoring spyware. Now you can visit the bugging tools and spying tools of android tracking software and your android bugging device is ready. Now you can use the android bugging software to create bugs and to get the monitoring results to the android monitoring app online control panel.

How Does Android Bugging device Works?

You have completed the process of converting the target android device into a bugging one. Now you need to know how you can monitor the target android device. Use the android control panel and then create a bug and then send the particular bug to the target android gadget. Once your command has received to the android bugging device, it will start monitoring it and then send the results to the online control panel of the Android spyware for phones.

What can you do with Android Bugging device?

The target bugging gadget is fully under your surveillance that you can operate with your android dashboard. You can listen to the surround sounds through MIC bug, view surround visuals with spyvidcam bug and can capture photos remotely with camera bugging of the android bugging software.

You can track the IM’s social media on the target android device with the IM’s social media of the cell phone spyware for androids. It will provide you to get the IM’s logs such as text messages chat conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and last but not the least Voice messages. Furthermore, you can record the phone calls on the bugging device with secret call recorder of the android monitoring app. The user can remotely control the bugging phone of android with spyware for android. The user can view the installed apps, block incoming text messages, incoming calls and block the internet on the android bugging gadget.


Spyware for Android is the only tool of its kind that can convert the target cell phone of Android OS into the bugging device.