The UK is one of the most preferred countries when it comes to immigration.  It is due to opportunities in terms of education, career and financial stability. There are several routes via which an individual can immigrate to the UK. Some include work-based immigration, a study based immigration or family reunification.

The UK government has recently introduced the point-based immigration system. This system has replaced the Labour government’s work permit scheme based on employer sponsorship.

Requirements of Point-Based System

The point-based system will be based on five tiers. Points are awarded for specific attributes. These include the applicant’s age, English language skills, previous earnings and qualifications. Besides, the points can be deducted if the applicant has dependents or lacks formal education.

Each tier requires specific eligibility criteria to be met to receive points. For instance, an applicant between the age of 16 and 24 years will receive maximum points if they can speak good English and have vocational training. On the other hand, a person above 24 years of age will have to have worked for at least three years and earn a specific salary to be eligible for points.

After each tier, applicants receive points. They then move to the next tier, where they again have to meet the eligibility criteria to receive more points. The total points determine their eligibility for immigration under any of the five tiers.

If you are interested in applying for a UK visa under this new system, it is highly recommended that you seek the help of an experienced Immigration Lawyers London. These professionals will be able to help you with all aspects of your application and ensure that it is submitted accurately and efficiently. They may also review your score and possible chances of being approved as part of their service.

A Bit More About the Point-Based System

In order to determine whether an individual is eligible for a UK residence permit, all factors are taken into consideration. Hence, immigration officials will thoroughly review each application to decide if the applicant has the right skills and training to contribute to the UK economy. In addition, the new immigration system aims at encouraging applicants who will make a positive contribution to UK society.

The points-based immigration system is meant for those whose primary goal is permanent residency in the UK. However, it can also be used by highly skilled workers wishing to enter the UK temporarily under Tier 5 of the points-based system.

The entry requirements are usually stringent for this visa route, especially since it is meant to cater only for highly skilled migrants with many years of experience in their chosen area. Nevertheless, this new immigration system will undoubtedly help the UK government achieve its target of attracting top talent from across the world.

How to Apply for  UK Visa Considering the New Rules?

The process of applying for the UK visa under the new points-based immigration system remains much like that of applying for any other UK visa route. The main difference lies in the application form, which applicants must fill out.

Under the points-based immigration system, applicants will be required to apply to a designated organisation to gain entry into the UK. This organisation is known as the Sponsors Licensing Authority. It will review each application and decide if the applicant can be eligible for a UK visa of any category under the points-based system.

If an applicant already has a certificate of sponsorship from their prospective employer, they must then complete Form SET(O), which is the standard form for applying for a UK work permit.

If an applicant does not have a certificate of sponsorship from their prospective employer, they must complete Form SET(O) and pay the appropriate fee. In addition, applicants must also complete a mandatory English language test.

Applicants can then submit their application to the designated Sponsors Licensing Authority. All applications must be submitted along with their supporting documents, including passports/travel documents, academic certificates and work records.

How Long The Visa Processing Takes?

The processing time for the new immigration system will vary depending on the demand for places within the particular category of visa under which an applicant is applying. However, on average, processing times are around 6-8 weeks.

However, it is essential to note that specific categories of visas under the point-based system are in high demand. This will mean longer waiting times for applicants in these categories. The best way to avoid long wait times is by applying early so as not to miss the deadline for submission of the types that accept limited applications.

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The new immigration system has been designed to be more flexible. It does not aim to replace the highly skilled workers route but rather complement it with a further visa category catering for highly qualified applicants who are already in full-time employment.

It will undoubtedly make the immigration process simpler and more efficient. It also encourages prospective migrants who wish to move to the UK for work purposes to take advantage of this new system.