The quick answer is yes! However, there are more possibilities in the near future.

A few years ago, the idea of controlling your home’s security systems from a mobile phone seemed like a concept from a sci-fi movie. Viewing your space from smartphone and giving the live command from the camera also seemed like a far-off luxury.

But thanks to Artificial Intelligence, what seemed so distant is a reality now!   

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Revolutionizing Home Security

AI in home security has completely transformed the landscape of surveillance, thereby providing us complete security from intruders. IoT also played a big role in changing the home security scenario, but it brought us back to false alarms.

AI-powered home security alarms recognize exactly ‘who’ has entered your house. It automatically understands, if your friends have entered the home, and is also capable of recognizing if something unfamiliar is happening in the surroundings.

With this technology, you can gain real-time insights on intruder actions. The technology is quickly gaining traction as according to a report published in The NY Times, the number of people to use smart security will go up to 22 million, by 2020.

Yes, AI is significantly transforming home security and the examples listed below serve as a testimony to the fact.

Facial Recognition

Older and basic home security systems would trigger their alarm anytime. They are even known to give out false alarms on detecting the slightest movement or facial recognition.

But today’s advanced home security cameras remember the face of friends, family, and other known faces by using AI algorithms. However, they alert your smartphones, if any unrecognized person enters your home making it easier to have someone watch your space.

But, burglars are most attracted to the homes that do not have a home a security system; only 17% of them have it in place, according to If you are also a part of the remaining part, Think Protection smart home security systems can help.

Further, it also remembers and identifies the person who broke into your house, and has shown up once again.

Intruder Alarm Installations

Intruder alarm installation is when the home security system is integrated with a voice assistant. The skills in the assistant are incorporated by the use of artificial intelligence methodologies that ensures an effortless interaction between the home security device and user.

Threat Analysis

According to the statistics published in The Washington Times, nine out of ten burglar alarms are considered to be false.

False alarms reduce the legitimacy of threat, but AI-assisted security systems come with an integrated audio, sensor, and video-based threat detection hardware. This system analyzes home in a proactive way and lets you develop actionable countermeasures.

Some of them also collect the data, analyze the situation, and determine what is normal for this particular situation.

Smart Devices Integration

AI home security systems also integrate seamlessly with smart home devices. Voice assistants like Amazon Echo learn to recognize your voice, and then allow you to control the security systems.

Voice commands enable you to arm or disarm your system and simplify other security operations.

Voice Recognition

Although you can integrate smart devices with security cameras, you can also speak directly into security cameras and search for what you are looking for.

This approach becomes helpful when you are finding your pet or want selected clips from large recording files.


The current applications of AI in home security are limited, but at the same time ever evolving. Limitless applications are possible that will take home security and surveillance to the next level.

For example, the cameras will be able to track and analyze moving objects.

It can also lead to building a smart home that will learn the habits, specifications, and preferences of residents. There is a chance that it will monitor the house and perform actions independent of users input.

65% of residential burglaries occur during the day when the house is probably empty, according to That is when; AI-powered home security systems help you keep your home secure at its best.

These advancements will keep your home abode safe in more ways than you once thought possible.