Maintaining cleanliness is a vital aspect of life. It can be your home, school, office, or your business location. Hiring the ideal janitorial service company is of paramount importance for your business’ success. Would you like to do business with someone who does not maintain clean surroundings? Similarly, your clients would expect your office to be spic and span. And don’t take our word for it. We spoke the fabulous folks at Picture Perfect Cleaning, who provided us with a list of five things you should consider before hiring a janitorial service company.

1.    Experience

As a business enterprise, you would not like to take chances with the cleanliness. It is natural for you to check out whether the janitorial company you choose has the requisite experience to do the job to the best of your satisfaction. Yes, an experienced company will be pricey, but it is worth paying the price they ask for rather than entrust the job to a rookie company. The experienced janitorial company would not make the mistakes that a new company could do.

It is also better to check out from the janitorial company about the nature of the companies they had serviced in the past. If you run a food-processing industry or a hospital, your idea of cleanliness will be different from that of a departmental store or any other industry. Therefore, you have to ensure that the janitorial company has experience in dealing with companies similar to yours.

2.    Services offered and equipment used

Janitorial services have various aspects. Cleaning a bathroom requires a different kind of expertise as compared to vacuuming a carpet. You need different equipment to handle both these jobs. You should inquire about the nature of the equipment the janitorial company uses. The condition and the age of the tools matter a lot as well. Using outdated machinery not only makes the cleaning process lengthy but also expensive. Therefore, opt for those janitorial companies that use the latest machinery to ensure they do a quick job.

Check out whether the janitorial company offers additional services at the same pricing. Some of the top companies do so. Such companies offer great value for the money they charge you.

3.    The staff position is crucial

Nothing can be more frustrating than turning up in the morning to see the janitorial staff conspicuous by their absence. You should ensure that the janitorial service you hire has a sufficient number of backup employees to take care of such emergencies. The sign of a professional janitorial company is that the job should not suffer. If an employee is on leave or becomes sick on the job, there should be a replacement readily available to take over.

Secondly, you should also ensure that the janitorial company chooses its employees after conducting background checks. The cleaning staff has access to the sensitive areas of your office. You would like to have people of exemplary character serving you.

4.    Quality Control

The quality of the services provided by the janitorial company is essential. Usually, the top companies follow laid down procedures to ensure quality control. Such companies conduct routine inspections, both at the managerial and the executive level. These inspections keep the janitorial staff on their toes. It improves the quality of services. Secondly, you have recourse if you experience issues with the team on the job.

5.    Do not ignore the price factor

Finally, you should also look at the pricing factor. You would have a budget in mind. Choose the company that conforms to your budget. Cleanliness is vital, but not at the cost of the profitability of the company. At the same time, the quality of the job is a critical factor as well. You should endeavor to strike the perfect balance.

Seek the services of the janitor companies that have a proper license to do the job. They should also have insurance to cover for the inadvertent damages caused by the cleaning staff. It is not advisable to hire a janitorial company without adequate protection in place.

We have seen the five crucial factors that you should consider while hiring the services of a janitorial company. Keep these points in mind to ensure that you employ the right persons for maintaining the cleanliness of your premises.