1. Guaranteed about The Project: It will be excessively cruel on the off chance that I get some information about the accomplishment of the undertaking in light of the fact that even ICO Investment crash regardless of appearing encouraging launch. However, just to state security, you should purchase ICO tokens just in the event that you trust it won’t exchange lower in the open market after the project is launched.

2. Appropriate Consideration Given: Once more, there is no assurance of the success of any thought yet the expectation and the execution of the thought can be broken down. Purchase the ICOs just when you trust that some consideration will be given to the task after the exchange goes live and more expensive rates appear are anticipated.

3. Position Measuring: Go for the ICO on the off chance that you are not gambling a colossal sum. On the off chance that you need to spend a little arrangement of your whole assets, take the plunge. The position estimating solicits you to put 1% from the all-out assets in your record (doesn’t make a difference in the event that it is $1000 or $100000).

4. Notoriety Isn’t All that matters: On the off chance that you are not going for the possibility of the venture but rather for the web notoriety of an individual, even a little part of your portfolio does not merit a spend. Except if you are profoundly sure of both the things, i.e., thought and notoriety, don’t let it all out.

5. Retaining Abilities: I shouldn’t be in such a negative meaning of ICOs yet there is a lot of things which could turn out badly with ICOs. Be set up for engrossing the misfortune, particularly in the event that you haven’t situated your size of the venture.

6. Watching the graph: All together for a task graph to a spike in the market, something must be finished by the venture handler. Presently, on the off chance that you feel that venture is doing great as the outline is flooding, everything descends to your conviction. Why? Since by and large, the task designers do nothing at the underlying stages and one day graph rises out of the blue. It is this time when you need to evaluate whether the task merits an investment on the grounds that an ascent is trailed by destruction.