Essay writing is turning out to be the common thing in recent days. Many people, Canadians included, recently ventured into the business, and in 2019 essay writing seems to be the solution t the financial problems of most individuals.

As an essay writer, people get to earn money without the physical exhaustion associated with many jobs. It is the main reason its popularity is slowly increasing among Canadians. Of course, there are other reasons, but the financial reward compared to physical input is what attracts most people.

What makes you a qualified essay writer?

There is no clear definition nor specification of what is required for you to be an essay writer. In most cases, the quality of your work is your main selling point. Some essay experts, describe essay writing as an art.

All you need is a laptop, correct referencing material and your journey to becoming a professional essay writer. To test your writing skills, you could start with a custom essay; it will help you evaluate yourself among other writers and see where you fall among the writers.

Why do essay experts say about the future of article writing in Canada

All stakeholders in the essay writing industry seem to be agreeing on one thing; the industry is rapidly growing. It is the increasing demand that makes essay writing to look more lucrative as the days progress.

In Canada, for instance, it could be argued that a majority of students do not write their essays; they would instead outsource their articles as it offers the assurance of quality work produced. For this reason, there has been a steady increase in essay writing platforms, as is evident on the web.

What is causing the rapid growth of writing custom essays for payment?

The primary factor as stated earlier is the availability of a ready market. Essay writing seeks to serve students who find It difficult to write essays mainly. It could further extend to official documents if the industry grows large enough.

The increasing number of international students entering Canada could also be a reason. English is not their first language, and as such, they experience difficulty with essay writing. Apart from this lot, there are those who run other activities and as such do not get time to write their essays.

Professional essay writing offers a quick solution to their problem. The continued need for an alternative source of incoming is a driving factor when it comes to essay writing. Students who need additional income usually opt to pay a small fee to get their work done.

Of course, there is a debate on the moral aspect of essay writing; and the discussion will go on for long as opposing sides try to prove who is right among themselves. There are those who argue that essay writing is a form of cheating, and they work to prove their point as well as they can.

There are those who argue that essay writing is employment like any other and it should receive the proper treatment. Some say that if indeed institutions find it immoral, they should put up measure regulating its use and extent of reach.

Are students lazy?

Most institutions argue that the trend encourages laziness among students. Those of a different school of thought say that it depicts the industrious nature of students. Why? They claim that identifying reliable sites requires a significant amount of intuition. The assumption is not entirely wrong.

What does it mean for educational institutions?

The increasing number of students buying online essays is worrying to many institutions. It depicts the underlying issues within educational institutions in Canada. Most professors argue that although they may be aware the work does not belong to the student, there is no way to prove it.

It becomes further frustrating because although there is an argument that the work entails plagiarism, passing it through any plagiarism checker will not produce any results. The work has been thoroughly researched by professionals, using proper references and citations.

As such, professors, regardless of whether they are aware it is not the students work or not, are forced to give marks to the students. ‘It poses a threat to the quality of students released to the professional market’, teachers say. However, without proper regulation, the trend is set to continue for an extended period.

As an essay writer, what does the future hold for you in Canada?

The future for essay writers in Canada is bright; and if things proceed in their current direction, essay writing is bound to be a business of choice.

Canada should be ready to accept essay writing as part of their future.