I know it is a little unorthodox to start with a quote from a fictional character but fictional as she may be, Shuri makes a valid point.

Sometimes we are more inclined to get an entirely new item on the market of which there’s nothing wrong with. But I want to suggest a second course which may be the better option.

Rather than getting an entirely new mountain or road bike, have you ever considered converting your current one into an electric one instead?


Before we get into why converting your bike into an electric one may be the best option, let’s look briefly at what conversion is and how it’s done.

An electric bike conversion is basically a process through which you upgrade your standard mountain or road bike into an electric one via the electric bike conversion.

The simple to use electric bike conversion kit allows you to integrate an engine to your bike’s pedalling system along with a rechargeable battery to enable electric functionalities that eliminate the necessity of paddling in order to move.

That’s that in a nutshell, almost like a mini motor bike right?


People get bikes for various reasons, but the most common ones are as a means of transport, a means for fun, a means of exercising or a mixture of everything. Whatever the case, it’s not such a bad idea to invest in an electric bike conversion kit and here’s why:-


Prices for a new bike differ from one bike to another depending on the quality. The lowest quality mountain bikes cost an average of $500 whereas the standard quality bikes are in the range of $1,500 and more. The best quality bikes are $3,500 and more sometimes even as high as $10,000. Note that I’m quoting the cheapest possible prices here. Now to get a bike conversion kit will only cost you $300 or slightly more which is a huge difference in price compared to getting a new bike of any quality.


The beauty about getting a conversion kit is that you don’t necessarily have to pay extra to get it installed. You can easily follow the instructions on the installation manuals. Plus, if you get stuck, there are tons of YouTube tutorials online to help you install it. It won’t take more than an hour to get it done. But if you do want to hire someone else to do it for you, that could be arranged for as little as $10 to $20.


This one probably applies more to those who use bikes for transportation and fun purposes, but it also applies to the exercise oriented people. You could one day feel too tired to ride your bike back home or maybe have bad cramp or get injured. In the event of such an unfortunate outcome, you too would find it convenient to have an electric bike now, wouldn’t you? And as an added bonus for the stunt men, yes you can still do stunts even after converting your standard bike into an electric one.


It would be also innovative for you on a number of different levels to make an upgrade rather than getting a new bike entirely. This thing will give you better speed, better performance and ultimately better power on your bike.


Last but not the least is the aspect of variety and compatibility. You needn’t worry about whether or not you will find an electric bike conversion kit that will suit you because you definitely will. There is a whole bunch of electric bike conversion kits available for purchase both online and in your local electric hardware stores for you to choose from. This gives you a lot of choices to choose from and more importantly, the guarantee of finding the specific kit that works for your bike.

Plus, since your battery is rechargeable, you won’t have to spend much to keep it going, only five to six hours of charging depending on the type of battery you are running on.

These are but a few of the various reasons why getting an electric bike conversion kit is better than getting a new bike entirely.


From what I gather, I think there are more advantages to upgrading your bike into an electric one rather than getting a new one. Somethings are not meant to be replaced, they are simply meant to be upgraded.

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