The Advantages of Running Your Own Terraria Server

Joining other servers is great if you want to avoid the hassle of creating and managing your own service. But this means you are at the will of the server owner. So what are the advantages of running your own?

Start a Fresh World

Creating your own server gives you the ability to have a fresh start whenever you want. There’s nothing worse than joining a game at the start, only to be left out of the building and questing if you’re unable to play at the same time as the other players.

If you run the server yourself you will have the option to close the server when you are not on it. This will avoid other plays racing ahead or messing around with your world while you are not logged in. It can be frustrating seeing all your hard work going to waste.

Play your way

Make the rules, choose the player capacity and set the pace of the game. With your own server you can create your perfect world that plays the way you envision it. It’s easy to kick players that don’t agree with your rules or want to grief you. If you’re a more casual player, make the server private so only your friends can enter the game.

Choose PVP vs PVE

When you have your own server you can choose to set it as a PVP or PVE world which will change the type of experience you have. PVP or “Player vs Player” will usually be a more competitive world in which players will fight each other. PVP is typically for more advanced players looking for a challenge.

If you are a beginner or want a more casual game of Terraria you should choose PVE or “Player vs Environment.” Players won’t be able to attack each other and these servers tend to be more teamwork and community based. Ultimately this is your choice, but running your own server allows you to make the choice, whereas joining a server does not.

Add the Mods you like

There are loads of mods in Terraria, which makes it difficult to find a server that is right for you. Players like to combine all of their favorite mods to create their own perfect world. Adding mods to a server is easy and will make your experience more tailored to you and your friends. If you do not run your own server you will lack the ability to add or change the mods you are using. This is typically up to the player running the server.

The Advantages of Running Your Own Terraria Server

Choose the right server company 

You can either choose to rent a server from a hosting company that will charge you a monthly fee or run it on your own computer. Of course running it on a computer is free but comes with a lot of disadvantages if you want to run a larger modded game. According to there are many advantages to consider when choosing a rented server, including dedicated support and 24/7 up time for your world.


It’s clear to see that running your own server has many advantages when it comes to customising your Terraria experience. Of course it will require you to learn a small bit of server management if you decide to rent from a hosting company. But this is a very minor learning curve.