Proper marketing is now a very important factor when it comes to any business small or big scale. Marketing can be done in many ways. One can choose the traditional marketing i.e. offline advertising and promotional with posters, billboards, flyers etc. which is very effective for groundwork and attracting customers from offline sector. Another way for marketing can be online advertising and promotional of the products and services etc.

Offline marketing utilizes radio, TV, print advertisement like coupons, billboards or other printed promotional materials etc. This marketing generally targets the people who do not use internet services or social media websites.

Online marketing means the process of advertising a product or a service with the help of internet. Some of the methods that online marketing uses are search engine optimization (SEO), website creation, social media, email marketing, pay-on-click advertisements etc. SEO is a very effective way of marketing because it can provide some solid results. Many LD SEO Sydney service providers can help you with SEO and other techniques of online marketing.

There are certain advantages of both offline and online marketing and promotion. Here is a list for the comparison between the two ways of marketing:

  • Offline marketing:
  • It is not wrong to say that if the customer experiences an in-person demonstration of the product or service then it is more effective way of impressing the customer. And so is the offline advertising.
  • Offline marketing can be understood as helpful in business by the fact that a person meets a lot of person on daily basis and having wear a watch or a shirt, having a water bottle or Tiffin box etc. and being a part of society your products is going to advertised with no cost. Potential customers will look at your brand name and will turn to it eventually. Though having a more attractive logo or name is also very necessary so that people can easily remember your product name and your logo.
  • Offline marketing is very good for the company, which is still growing itself because of low cost of the offline advertising.
  • Some smaller markets cannot be reached by online marketing and in such cases the offline marketing comes in handy.
  • Online marketing:
  • The results produced by the online marketing are measurable and statistically utilizable which can explain the popularity and effective application of online marketing.
  • Along with being result producing, the online advertising is inexpensive as it can reduce the cost of processing and cost related development statistics database.
  • The cost of online promotion is much lower than the cost of printing and postage of material to be used for offline marketing.
  • For being the money well spent when it comes to online advertising, the investment should be enough to produce results. The inexpensive way does not means that the cost is lower than offline methods and result is better but it means that the results are going to be high and in your favor as much as you have invested in the marketing.
  • The online marketing can be planned and there are many ways to do this like SEO i.e. search engine optimization, which means that you optimize your website using techniques like changing design, content etc. to make your website more attractive for a search engine so that your websites is shown higher in the search results. Other ways are social media accounts of the product to interact with the people online and getting them to know about your services and products etc.

Internet is growing every day bigger and wider, and for sure it is one of the best methods of advertising but still one cannot neglect the effectiveness and use of offline marketing. Both online and online marketing are helpful and effective when it comes to advertising the brand.