Common dryer problems can help you troubleshoot the issue within minutes to hours. All you need to have is some basic tools, multimeter, and a continuity tester. Rest we are going to sort out for you.


Why you are here?

Possibly your dryer breaks down or it’s not working the way it should be. Needless to say, there are a number of problems with the washing machine dyer that you may encounter. And today we will discuss them one by one.


Note: Whatever you use, always put safety first and remove the power source to the dryer before attempting the necessary repairs.


Common Dryer Problems

  • A dryer is not turning on
  • Dryer making noise
  • Dryer causes cloth wrinkles
  • A dryer is not hot
  • The dryer is too hot
  • Dryer taking too long for clothes to dry
  • Dryer Thumps, rumbles, and chirps
  • Dryer drum not rotating but the motor is working fine


  • A Dryer Is Not Turning On 

If your dryer is not working, first and foremost, check the power supply to see whether electricity is reaching the dryer or not. Use the multimeter to check the voltage outlet. If still power is not delivered to the dryer, go to see if the breakers have been tripped that need immediate replacement. However, if the issue is still not addressed, then outlets might need to be replaced. Otherwise, dryer power cords could be frayed due to continuous movement and long ago usage. You need to consult an experienced appliance repairman to remove the power cord access panel. He will check the voltage at the terminal block and replace it with the new one. Or if this is not the existing case, there might be a possibility of debris and lint accumulated around the door gasket or the switch may be faulty.


Different thermostats in a dryer regulate its internal temperature. You can also check them by testing them at room temperature with a multimeter set to RX1and touching the probes to either of the terminals. The zero reading on the thermostat shows that it is working properly. If not, then the thermostat needs to be replaced.


  • A dryer is Making Noise

The dryer works on the number of movable parts functioning. Those parts are prone to wear and make noise as a result. There are different humming, squeaking and squealing sound that somehow are normal. But if the dryer sound changes and makes noise, then it needs rapid attention. The most probable cause can be the plastic glides that over time shows signs of wear. If this is the cause, you need to look for dryer repair parts from the appliance repair shop.


Sometimes blower wheel is not functioning properly. It needs to be cleaned on a frequent basis. But we ignore it. Therefore, check if it needs cleaning.


Secondly, drum support rollers which are used to support the drum may cause noise. If it’s then its time to replace the rollers. Moreover, the main belt would have worn out, thus causing the thumping sound against the drum.


  • Dryer Causes Cloth Wrinkles

If your clothes are wrinkled while drying in the dryer, then the most possible causes would be that no fabric softener is used, or clothes are not removed from the dryer on time. Other possible causes include incorrect water level, the extra load of clothes and incorrect wash and dry cycles. A solution to all these problems is under your control.

  • Immediately remove the clothes from the dryer when dried.
  • Do not combine lightweight and heavyweight clothing items together.
  • Do not dry multiple loads at the same time.


  • A Dryer is Not Hot 

If your dryer is tumbling but not producing any sort of heat then it might give rise to a couple of problems. Hence, you should look for the dryer repair service from some appliance repair experts. They will look into the matter and sort it out for you. Meanwhile, you can check the dryer settings, the fabric temperature and the time setting of the dryer.


If you know, dryers usually have a thermal fuse that protects the dryer from overheating. It is located in the exhaust duct in the back panel of the dryer. Somehow, in any case, it can become too hot due to a sudden trip. Unfortunately, there is no any alternative other than simple thermal fuse replacement.


If still, the cause is unidentified then look for the Same Day Service Appliance Repair to prevent the other machine parts from damaging. They will not just be able to access the temperature switch but also can look for the broken or burned areas in the heating coils, ignitor, power cord, thermostat, timer, and burner flame. This testing requires proper knowledge and precautionary measures to protect you from any calamity.


  • A Dryer is Too Hot 

Troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible if your dryer is too hot. If not resolved on time, it may cause a very dangerous situation for you and your washing machine. Nevertheless, while having a dryer repair service, keep your personal safety on priority. It is very important to le the dyer parts cool down before touched by hands. You can check the thermostat, heating elements or the vent system of the dryer to look if there is a need for removal and cleanup of the lint trap. If the vent is obstructed it may cause the overheating of dryer. Therefore, you should check and clean them periodically.


  • Dryer taking too long for clothes to dry 

Dryer problems troubleshooting is necessary when clothes drying is taking so long than normal dry time. There is a lint filter in the dryer that filters the dust and allows the air to flow. However, if it is not happening, and your dyer working harder than necessary, you should seek the appliance repair help.


  • Dryer Thumps, rumbles, and chirps

With time, support rollers on the drum are worn. If there is noise and tumbling then replace the tensioner roller. Apart from this perform a continuity test. Use a continuity tester to diagnose the trouble. What you need to do is simply attach the clamp to one contact point and touch the probe to the other.


Secondly, you can also replace the drum support rollers, and keeper to prevent the dryer from rumbling, chirping, and thumping.


  • Dryer Drum Not Rotating But the Motor is Working Fine

If the dryer drum is not rotating then it’s only a broken belt causing a problem. Remove the front cabinet panel and lift the entire drum out of the cabinet. After that fire up your shop vacuum and suck out all the lint. Then spin the tensioner roller by hand to see if it runs smoothly and examine it for cracks. Replace the tensioner if it fails either test.


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