When discussing the value of Pay Per Click advertising, Ignite Visibility’s, Eythor Westman says, “PPC exists because digital real estate is valuable.”

If you want to expose your product or business to millions of online users, you’ll need to pay someone to advertise in that digital location. With the right help, PPC can be a handy tool for building your business, much the same as a giant billboard would be on a highway. Pay Per Click marketing will draw attention to your business. Here are some ways PPC advertising could benefit you and your marketing campaign.

  1. Only Pay Per Click

Prominent sites like Facebook or TripAdvisor, charge advertisers even if users don’t click on the ad. Alternatively, PPC advertisers only pay for ad clicks. Along with a robust marketing strategy, many mid-level sized businesses often choose PPC because it’s a more cost-effective option.

And that leads to the next reason PPC can aid in your marketing plan…

  1. Elbowing your way to the Top

PPC offers an obvious route to getting your brand to show up in search engine results. Remember, the sites that get the most hits show up first in your Google search feed. Neil Patel tells a joke that points out a genuine reason why businesses should use PPC in your marketing campaign. He says, “Where should you bury something you don’t want anyone to find?” The answer? The second page of Google.

Case in point. You want your business to be featured on the first page of a Google search; otherwise, most experts would agree that your marketing is ineffective. People rarely scroll on to the second page of Google. Using PPC can significantly boost the number of SEO hits your business gets.

  1. Get By with a Little Help

Digital advertising is quite complicated. To make the most of this tactic, you’ll need help with PPC strategy, tracking results, and optimizing your business plan. You might consider using a consulting service to help you decide what kinds of ads are right for you. A good pay per click advertising consultant will break down the numbers and will also provide PPC management services to keep you well informed of your results. Consulting and management will give you that edge over your competitor who might be using PPC but not understanding the ins and outs.

  1. Feedback at your Fingertips

Get all the schematics and tracking to know exactly who, why, and when people are clicking on your ad. More knowledge of your product’s attractiveness (or lack thereof), will offer you more information to help you tighten, change, and optimize your ads. Information is power.

You want to know how your ads are affecting your business’ bottom line. If you don’t do the analytics, PPC won’t be as a useful marketing tool. Sure, you might get people to your website, but you need to be able to understand why. You want to make changes or modifications to your ads to optimize the money you spend on PPC.

  1. Options to Fit Your Budget

Another good reason to use a PPC management company is that there are numerous ad networks out there. One of the most popular ones is Google AdWords which allows you to put up an ad on a private website or in search results. Google makes money by taking a cut of the fees when someone clicks on your ad.

  1. Simple or Fancy

When deciding what kind of PPC ad to use, you can employ video advertising or utilize more simple options like a clean brand name and headline. You can even run an additional campaign that retargets the percentage of people who clicked the first-run of your ad. This, in turn, will provide you with detailed feedback about the effectiveness of your PPC ad. It may be that you need to hire a copywriter to help you with graphics or ad text to make your PPC ad stand out.

  1. Quick and Easy

It only takes a short time to get a pay per click ad up and running. With an account manager, your PPC ad can be up and running within a week or two. This turn around makes it easy and effective when building a multi-tiered marketing platform.

  1. Targeting

One of the best reasons to use pay per click advertising in your marketing plan is that you can be as specific as you want in targeting your consumer. Age, gender, race, income bracket, education can all be taken into account for a stronger and clearer ad. You can gear your ad toward past consumer behavior or buying history. You can target within a zip code. A PPC account manager can help you narrow or widen your target audience depending on what your post ad schematics reveal.

If you run a small to mid-sized business, consider using pay per click advertising in your marketing plan. It’s fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive. And it will set you apart from your competitors who don’t realize the full potential of advertising online.