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Best music production apps are available in the market, but there are hundreds of software. Choosing an ideal software to produce music in a few clicks because there are too many DAW’s in the web market today. Allow us to name a few popular music production software for Windows machine and MacBook or Mac by Online Audio Convertor and you can also play videos in macbook.

Note: We have not tested the software, and we have handpicked the software after recommendations.

  1. Garageband for Mac

Apple developed Garageband for MacBooks and Mac machine because the company is targeting the music industry and entertainment industry with their products. The Garage Band for Windows is not available due to several reasons,and Apple Inc decided to make it unique for Mac only.

You have to pay $5 for a lifetime license,and it offers several features that let a beginner produce music without the help of instruments. Yes, you can add instruments sounds because the program supports virtual music instruments.

Download Garageband

  1. Ableton Live

Ableton Live is an excellent Windows & Mac music production software available at a high price. It offers multi-core processor support, so the CPU utilized at 100% for faster rendering. The program offers the output WAV, Ogg Vorbis, AIFF, MP3, FLAC file support and more. The audio & MIDI tracks are available with the latest Ableton Live. Millions of professional editors and moviemakers use the Ableton Live because it offers features that make the output better.

You have 30-days free trial period to use the software, and the risk-free trial period is enough to measure the capacity of the Abelton.

  1. Avid Pro Tools

Avid is a software developing company,and Pro Tools is one of the products. The expensive audio workstation comes with features that would put Garageband and Ableton Live to competition.

The stock compressor offers robust performance with parallel compression and sidechain compression. The editor comes with non-linear editing with low latency allowing, so the users can shift from one track to another track very easily.

The drag-and-drop makes the life easier to add or remove files. There are more than 500 MIDI tracks available in the platform and 512 instruments and 128 audio tracks. Yes, you can produce high-quality music instruments sounds using he in-built virtual instruments.

  1. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro Xis the perfect replacement for Garageband music production because it bundles with features that can replace the Apple product. The program specifically designed for MIDI production, compose, recording, edit, mix and master the tunes.Many professional singers and music producers use the Logic Pro X.

The Smart tempo features enable the audio to match the track with other video track. Add the different type of melody to the music with the help of brush drum kits and eclectic drum. The latest AU plugins come with loads of vintage EQ, advanced reverb and creative effects.

  1. FL Studio

FL Studio developed many years ago,and the company offers premium audio production software for a very less price. The developers allow the users to try the trial version for a lifetime with updates. The free music workstation offers incredible features like keyboard controller, 3xOSC,peak controller, VST plug-in, and more.

The user interface designed for the newbies, so it won’t take plenty of time to master the controls.You can edit the tunes real-time pitch correction and time stretching. The FL Studio offers excellent UI that enables you to edit, record, mix and organize.


The digital music workstation comes with a price, but there is open-source (free) software as well. Let us know what you think about the Best Music Production App for Windows and Mac in the comment section below.