R-Drive Image is one of the best software to create data backup. This software has all the features that you need for data backup purposes for your business. Therefore, it’s important to have and use it on a regular basis. Now, the important question is, why should we do the data backup process? Or, why we have to create a data recovery plan? Here are the answers.

There is always Someone that Want Your Data

It doesn’t matter if you run a big scale company or use the computer for personal needs. Your data will always become a juicy target for someone out there. The worst of all, they usually don’t care about your data. What they want to do is just damage or destroys it. Therefore, many computer viruses and malware created to do this purpose. And, they even make your data as their test subject for their virus.

For personal data, it will be so devastating, when you find out your file has been stolen or destroyed. It is even worse if you run a business and use that file or data for your business operation. It can affect many aspects. It can even become the cause of your business fall.

You Can Lose Your Data Easily

According to Symantec, the malware variants have increased to 54% than last year. That means there are more threats that can attack your data. So, if you don’t have a strong defense (anti-virus or anti-malware), as well as protection plan (data backup and recovery plan), you will mostly lose your important data.

However, the most annoying thing is most data loss case is caused by human error. Usually, people accidentally hit the delete or format their drive. It makes the data lose just like that. The other cause is hardware malfunctions. If it happens when you run your business, you will have big trouble facing your customer.

The Downtime Problem

You must understand how annoying a downtime situation really is. Your data loss is the one that responsible for this problem. Your business performance will become much slower because of losing the important data. Of course, it will make your client unhappy. Moreover, it can also affect your business reputation. It can stay for quite a long time, which makes it hard to get back on the right track.

With having a backup, when you find out that you lose your data, you can replace it easily from your backup file. It may slow down your business performance a bit. But, compared to deal with the problem without data backup, this is much better.

The Data Can Be Irrecoverable

When you work on a project, losing all of the data without a recovery plan can be really heart-breaking. The project that you start from scratch is disappearing just like that. The worst of all, you can try to start it from scratch one more time. But, there is a time that data can’t be replaced. So, it will be different than what you do previously.

This is the reason, why you must have data backup and recovery plan. When there is a problem, you can still recover it at the point you back up your project. That will save your time and energy.

Record and Audit Purposes

Create a backup is also useful if you plan to make a record for audit purpose. The backup will become something like protection for your real data. Therefore, if in the audit process, you find something wrong, you can always take a look at your backup data. Match it and you will find the correct information from that backup.


Data backup is important. For business, it means a lot. We can even call your data backup as your business lifeline. Without it, there are many possibilities that your business will go down because of a small mistake.

Of course, in order to make your backup data safer, you need to keep it in a safe place. Use the separate server or network from your main network system. It will protect it from damage when your main system got attacked by virus or malware. So, you should make the backup right away to protect your data from any problems.

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