Ever wondered why is the trend of ‘sugar-free’ sweets and chocolates growing multifold? What’s it that’s making people cut down on the sugar intake and keep a tab on the sugar levels? Well, the growing risk of diabetes is the reason we are frowning on a daily basis. According to Diabetes UK’s research, more than 30 million people in India are diagnosed with diabetes and the number is only rising! 

While there’s a lot that you can do to keep your sugar level under control, the most important among them is to monitor blood sugar at home with a glucometer. Yes, a glucometer is a blood-sugar level monitoring device that can be used by every diabetic person to keep problems at bay. 

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Here’s the list of Best Glucometers in India That You Should Definitely Try 

(in no particular order)

  1. Dr. Morpen Gluco One Glucometer

The glucometer by Dr. Morepen has been gaining the trust of the users for decades. Whether it’s accuracy, compactness, affordability, or usage, Dr. Morepen is the first choice for all the diabetics. With its storage capacity, it helps the patients in keeping a track of the previous 300 blood-sugar level results and compare it with the present. 

The sleek ergonomic design of the device makes it easy for the patients to carry it wherever they go. To check your glucose levels on Dr. Morepen Glucometer, you only need to take 0.5 microliters of blood. To make the regular testing easier for the users, the machine comes with 25 stripes for testing, lancets, and a display screen. 

This is great for old people as the display screen is pretty huge and clear to read. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  1. Beato Smartphone Glucose Meter

Probably the sleekest glucometer ever, Beato is your pocket-friendly glucometer both in terms of price and size. I’d personally prefer Beato Smartphone Glucose Meter as this is extremely sleek and can be attached to the smartphone. If you experience fluctuations in your sugar levels very often, you should order this one right away! 

Since you connect this device with your smartphone, all your previous test readings are stored to help you and your doctor monitor the changes. The app for Beato helps you alter your diet and activity plans according to the sugar levels. It also sends an alert to your family in case the levels are high and need immediate attention. 

Want to know what’s even more awesome? It is the price of this device! At a very affordable price, you can a kit with 20 strips, 20 lancets, a smartphone glucometer, a lancing device, and access to a diabetes specialist. 

Beato Smartphone Glucometer Price in India – Rs 699/- 

  1. Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer

For those who need to monitor their blood sugar level without any fuss, Bayer Contour Plus can be another great option. The large LCD screen that this device comes with makes it easy to read the test results clearly. If you’re looking for a glucometer for old people, this can be another budget-friendly option. 

Bayer Contour Plus can store up to 50 test samples and help you monitor the sugar level at ease. The patient requires 0.6 milliliters blood sample to carry out the test. However, Bayer Contour Plus One Glucometer is slightly expensive for the features that it comes with. The device is equipped with just basic features to carry out the test. 

However, keeping aside the easy usability of the device, there’s not a lot that can impress you in this machine. But when it comes to diabetes, accuracy is all that matters and Bayer’s is definitely accurate. 

Price: Rs 2,500/- 

  1. Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit

One of the best glucometers in the market, Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit is great for diabetics who need to keep a track on their sugar level on a daily basis. The product comes with a before-meal and after-meal reminder to monitor the blood glucose levels minutely. 

Accu chek active blood glucometer offers accurate readings with just a drop of blood and keeps you tension free. You just need to put the drop of blood on the green area and the results will be displayed on the screen within seconds. 

This one has an indicator for most things, like expired test stripes, blood quantity, etc. 

Price in India: Rs 1599/-

  1. One-Touch Select Simple Glucometer

This buttons-free, easy to use glucometer is another good option that you should consider. This easy-to-use blood glucose meter helps you carry out the test within seconds. All that you need to do is collect the amount of blood required on the test stripe and place that into the machine. 

One-touch glucometer comes with the functionality of sound alerts. Once the test is completed, you will get a sound alert. This device also helps you understand the sugar level with the help of colors. 

Price: Rs 799/- 

With these options in place, you can get your hands on the best glucometers in India at an extremely affordable price. Check out this list and pick any of the above-listed glucometers for monitoring blood sugar levels at home. However, to keep diabetes at bay, you need to take the utmost precautions in your daily life and improve the food and exercise habits as and when required. Take care, stay healthy!


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