For anyone keen on pursuing a career in Law, passing the Law School Admission Test or LSAT is vital. This test is an integral requirement for law school admission not only in the US but also in Canada and an increasing number of other countries across the globe. This test is designed to assess the key skills that you need for success in law school. Some of these skills include logical reasoning, analytical reasoning as well as reading comprehension.

To pass in all these skills a student requires a credible and reputable LSAT tutor. Before we highlight the role and importance of the tutor let’s have a brief but insightful overview of this test before we wind up with the upcoming changes in the technology used to administer the test and what you should do to be in line with these changes.

The Critical Role of LSAT

There are several compelling reasons why you are well-advised to take this test other than tests accepted for admission to law school. First, it is the only test of this kind that is accepted by every ABA-accredited law school. So, taking other similar tests for admission might only complicate matters for you, especially if you end up taking a test that is not accepted by certain institutions. Secondly, this test is the only one that can help you, the test taker, to establish whether laws school is right for you.

Preparing for LSAT

Many aspiring law students are intimidated by the fact that this test is difficult and it requires in-depth preparation. It’s true, no one passes any test without this kind of preparation, and that’s especially applicable for this test. In any case, law school applications put a lot of weight on LSAT scores even above other considerations such as GPA scores. It is of utmost importance that prospective JD applicants prepare well in advance for the LSAT.

Are You Ready for the Digital LSAT?

Until now this test has been administered the traditional way where prospective JD’s use the old paper and pencil approach to sitting for this test. But soon things are going to change. Starting this September, 2019, this test will be fully digitized. What does this mean? Gone will be the pencil and paper and instead, Microsoft Surface Go tablets are going to be the sole vehicle for taking the test. Are you ready for the change in technology? Are you including this transformation as part of your preparation? If not, you are well advised to incorporate this change in your strategy for study. Why, you may wonder?

One, LSAT administrators are to be trained on how to administer this test using the new technology. This means you as a candidate must be well prepared to use the same technology without any problem. Secondly, the 5 multiple choice sections of the test will be on the Microsoft Surface Go Tablets while the writing sample will be separate. This gives you more reasons to get professional help to attune yourself not only with the requirements of the actual test but also with how to effectively use these tablets in your test.

All these preparations should not overwhelm you because professional help is at hand. Seek the assistance of a qualified LSAT tutor well in advance to equip you with necessary skills and competencies to sit for this test and use this new technology.