JWA Oil Supply was initially established in 2002. It serves majorly about infrastructure and energy projects and the regional offices are located in Australia, Malaysia, and Singapore for the Asia Pacific region. This company provides and supports the operators with several types of services and products.

Since it has served as dependable and innovative solutions to the industry of Oil and Gas, this company is a reliable and premier partner to major of energy and also contractors. Besides, it has been checked and certified by several standard points related to the energy and contractor business like ISO, OHSAS, and HSE.

So, JWA Oil Supply provides several products and services and you may consider this company as your partner in the future.

DURABASE Matting – Bog Mats

This service is designed for you who want to protect the ground during the construction process. Other than that, this product will be great to create a stable road on the muddy ground that could slow down the working tempo. Just call this company to get this service.

JWA has been the exclusive distributor for this reliable yet versatile matting system in Asia Pacific region. The mat could be able to cover at least 200,000 m2 areas. There are also several spots in Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane that will give the convenient to the countries with fields of oil and gas.

Bog mats are the ground cover for temporary time. It helps to protect various types of terrain. Besides, it will also give better access in case the ground is not supportive enough for the project. This mat is also used to solve various problems of ground in wide range type of fields. For further information about this section, you can go to the official website of JWA Oil Supply.

This product can help you in plenty situation like:

· Minimizing the cost for reclamation and transportation

· Reducing the cost for disposing or placing the liner

· Preventing the spills or other possible damage to the field

· Protecting the site the whole year in all weather-types

Vessel Services

JWA also represents the Polycrest A/S for putting the fleet of vessels in the market in the region. The original of the Polycrest was initially established in 1985. It was the part of company’s management that was designed to operate and manage the drilling rig, accommodating the rigs, and also the other vessels of offshore in the worldwide.

The Rasmussen Group was initially established this company under the name of Polycrest A/S. Norway was also the initial location of this company, specifically at Sola near the Stavanger.

Drill Floor Traction Matting

JWA also provides the traction mats and rig floor mats from Lea-Der. Traction mats from Lea0Der are durable and tough. It is also available for custom order made of industrial polyurethane. The customized mats will be made specifically to meet your needs and requirements.

The edges of the mats are molded into it and there is no extra part in order to make up the system. At least there are 300 operators of Oil and Gas companies that use this drill floor traction matting product.

The thickness is available in two options, depends on where you will locate it. The mat with 1.25 inch of thickness could be located in the area with high impact possibility around the drill floor. The mat with 0.75 inch of thickness will be perfect for the walkway. Do you want the custom color for the mat? There are several colors available to choose.

If you need to ask for more information, you can visit the official website of JWA Oil Supply or give them a call that is also available on the official website.

DNV 2.7-1 Units

If you need units for offshore work, you can also call this company. JWA also fabricates and designs various DNV2.7-1/EN12079 units for offshore works. Other than that, the products are owned by subsidiary company named AP Oilfield Containers Pty Ltd.

The major oil service companies in Australia get their supply of the offshore units from JWA since 2004. Other than that, this company also offers the custom design in order to suit the unique and different requirements of the global customer. Of course, all designs have been approved by the specifications from DNV. All the products are designed, fitted, and built out through the same company.

Besides the main services and product, we mentioned above, they also offer the washing service, renewing the pavers, and many more. Just visit the official website of JWA Oil Supply.