Buying a home alarm system for the first time is confusing. It is because there are a lot of products available which offer similar features. The following home alarm system buying guide will help you to get the best product.


Check the features of the alarm before buying it. Ensure that the features support your needs. For example, some alarms have a feature that can contact their users if something happens. Other alarms also have a specific feature that can record events, so you can check it over again. You can also give the record to the police to help them analyze the case if it is necessary. Imagine that you can install an alarm that can record up to 100 events, along with the date and time. Users can even pick the event they want to see from the keypad.

The Number of Codes the Alarm Can Save

Ensure you know about the number of codes the alarm can save. Let say some alarm can save up to 48 codes. This feature is useful if you want to change the user code. You don’t have to memorize all the codes because the device saves them on its system. It also helps you a lot to activate or deactivate the alarm anytime you want.


There is a case that you go on vacation, a heavy storm, and electricity issues. You should know whether the home alarm system is still on or not. Ensure also whether you have to return home in this situation to check the alarm or not. The good thing is that most modern home alarms have a system that keeps them on even in certain conditions, such as electrical issues. These alarms even only need low electrical power to run. The manufacturer also supports these devices with a large battery to back up the system when the main power is out.

The Credibility of the Sellers

Don’t forget to check the credibility of the seller. Ensure that the company or seller has enough experience to handle home security systems. Check its official online store if they have it and analyze the products. A reputable online store will have complete and the latest home security devices. They often have a professional team that will help you to explain the details and install it. A specific online store, such as Griya Tekno is a reputable online alarm store. This store is not only having sophisticated devices, but also professional sales support and engineers to help its customers.

The Size of the Alarm

The size of the alarm is also a crucial consideration. You can pick an alarm based on the size of your house. For example, a small home alarm is fine if you are living in an apartment or small house. The larger the house, the bigger the home security system you need. It is because the security systems have to cover doors, windows, and even the grounds. Try to discuss your need with customer service if you still don’t have any idea about the right alarm you need. A professional alarm provider will help you to find the best device based on your need.

The Cost of the Alarm

You don’t have to buy an expensive home alarm system only to protect your living area. The key is ensuring that the alarm can protect your house maximally. Ensure that the alarm system is on your budget. You will get a variety of home alarms at affordable costs when you visit Griya Tekno. This store is ready with basic home alarm systems, including advanced network security alarm, DSC alarm 6 zones + LCD keypad, micron alarm 5 zones + LED keypad, and many more. The cost is also affordable, especially for those who want to install an alarm for the first time. The good thing is that you can improve the alarm into an advanced security device. Let the team from this store help you to do the project.


Indeed, try to find a security system that is easy to install. The easier the alarm to install, the faster the installation process. It will be great if the store has a team that can install the alarm for you. You only have to wait for the process and directly use the alarm.

The point is that you should be selective in choosing a home security system. Ensure that this device covers home protection things you need. Take your time to check and compare a variety of home alarms before choosing the best one. Don’t be ashamed to ask customer service to guide you to get the best home alarm. Griya Tekno is the recommended online home alarm store you can visit to get the right security devices.