Gadgets Only

With technologies like artificial intelligence, 5G, cell regeneration, internet of things the world has become more complex, smart and complicated at the same time. Such advanced technology has developed in all areas including healthcare, gadgets, telecommunication, education etc. However, the most interesting and cool ones are smart home gadgets. Here are some of them that will absolutely blow you away and make your life easier as well.

  1. Robotic alarm

Think of an alarm that customizes according to your moods and sleeping pattern. It will make you run around the room, hide in the corners, make you take pictures of your bathroom to get you off your bed. It makes sure that you never oversleep again by not letting you hit snooze and go back to bed.

  1. Smart Faucet

Gadgets and technology are not only made to make our lives easier but also to make the world around us better. A smart faucet has many features including hands-free operation, temperature control, controlling the flow of water, etc. There are different kinds of faucets for different rooms that would fit your requirements. Most importantly it can save up to 15,000 gallons of water per year.

  1. Eco Dish Cleaner

Talk about saving water, here is a dishwasher that does not use water. An eco-dish cleaner ionizes the leftover food particles and converts them into compost for plants. The echo cleaned is compact and portable and works on solar power. You will definitely be able to meet the high and complex demands of urban life with this gadget along with being massively environment-friendly.

  1. Smart Security Robot

This bot does all that you can think of in a personal security manager. Equipped with sound detection, facial recognition, motion sensors it will not inform you of any danger but take the right action too. It notifies you when there is something that is out of place. It can also be synced with all your other security devices in the house and control all of them in synchrony. But before you go ahead and buy one you should be familiar with the details and specifications.

  1. Floor Plan Light Switch

Now, this invention is purely made out of frustration. Don’t you feel annoyed when you can’t figure out which switch is of what lamp or fan or any other appliance? As a result, you end up switching all the lights on and off. In this gadget, the whole floor plan is laid out on the switchboard with switches places on the spots where the lights are so, all you have to do is flip the switch!

  1. Air purifier

One of the most required yet unfortunate smart home gadget is an air purifier. With pollution and environmental degradation only increasing by the day it becomes essential to have one of these especially if you live in highly urbanized areas or have children or elderly in the home or even have dust allergies. This gadget is already very popular because of its multiple functions. Over and above purification of germs and dirt it also has an aroma diffuser, comes with USB and is highly portable as well.

  1. Internet of things

Internet of things is ‘the’ smart technology that you will need for your home to be fully automated. Internet of things is a concept that connects all your appliances and devices to one network. Through being connected to the internet they can be controlled from anywhere. For example, if you are coming back from work, with the internet of things you can switch the water geyser on with the temperature setting, switch the lights on, ask your coffee machine to make coffee, turn the air conditioner on, all of it through your smartphone.

There are many more gadgets and technology available than just these with will get more advanced with time. But with these high-tech devices, you can have the smart home of your dream with full automation, cleanse and environment-friendly!