Are you eager to start making digital arts? Working with the perfect drawing tablet will help you achieve this. 

However, there are numerous drawing tablets in the market today. While some are worth the investment, some are bad.

If you’re planning to buy a drawing tablet, picking up the right one will serve you well. Keep reading to find out the important things you need to pay attention to. 

6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Drawing Tablet 

Good drawing has similar features. Usually, the price of the drawing tablet is often what varies. The following should be considered before buying your new drawing tablet. 

Pressure sensitivity

A lot of new drawing tablets incorporate this. However, these gadgets vary the profundity of your stroke based on how firm the pen is applied. Likewise, with the resolution, products can differ as far as how delicate they are. Probably the least expensive models lack pressure sensitivity.

This factor is a significant component in the quality of work you can accomplish in your drawings. If you want to make basic sketches, you may not need pressure sensitivity. For any real artwork, pressure sensitivity. 

When you are buying a drawing tablet, always look for a model with the most significant levels of pressure sensitivity you can manage. This will give you the feeling of working with real brushes and pens on paper or canvas. 

Physical material

You need to also understand what your drawing gadget is made of. Many of these tablets are produced using mere plastics. It’s okay if the development of the tablet’s exterior has more metals than plastics since it will give additional strength. 

The disadvantage of metal construction is that it is heavier, and will draw in buildup from the air in a cool atmosphere. 

The drawing surface is more significant than the covering, and for this situation, it’s not about the material used but the texture of the material. Preferably, you need the surface to be as smooth as it could be expected. 

Tracking speed 

The higher the speed, the better. It’s often estimated in PPS (Points Per Second). This implies that there is less delay (lag) between when you make a stroke on the drawing surface and when the PC reacts to that stroke. 

Remember this – older tablets with extremely low PPS evaluations might give a very horrible performance, including roughness. 


Connective is another significant factor to look into when buying a drawing tablet, that is, how the tablet connects with your PC.

For an older PC, go for a tablet with a USB 2. It is uncommon for a modern drawing tablet to have a USB 3. Regardless, a USB 3 connector will plug into a USB 2 port and still works perfectly well.

If you have a modern computer, then you won’t have any challenges with the connectivity, Bluetooth will work well. It’s not every drawing tablet that comes with Bluetooth. Look out for this feature if you need Bluetooth. 


The resolution of a drawing tablet is very important. Basically, the higher the resolution, the better you can get the detail in your drawings. 

However, this doesn’t mean you must purchase a tablet with the highest resolution. But if you can afford the cost, it’s a good idea. Drawing tablets with the highest resolution will be expensive. If you are on a budget, go for a resolution that will simply get the job done. 

Remember that your needs might change as your work advances. Only then it’s necessary to go for tablets with extremely high resolution.

Actual size

Typically, it may sound good to say bigger is better. In this case, it’s different. When you are a beginner in digital art, you won’t want to buy the biggest drawing tablet out there. The bigger a tablet is, it can also get more expensive. You may not appropriate this as a beginner.

A more modest tablet may offer you a higher resolution to the sum you spend. According to many artists, small tablets also get works perfectly done. 

When purchasing a bigger drawing tablet, you should be certain that you have space for it around your working environment. You may also purchase a big desk for this purpose. 

When you need a large drawing tablet with high resolution, also be ready to pay the high price. It comes with its benefits too.


As a beginner in digital art, getting the right drawing tablet will make learning easier and faster. A good tablet will also help you create high-quality art/paintings and possibly get a job as a graphic designer. Keep the factors discussed above, you will find a great deal. You can find more details here.